The Effect of Social Media on Society

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With the advent of popular social networks, the usual communication skills between people have changed, and the changes seem irreversible. It is believed that social networks have a positive effect on the communication skills of users, as they allow people to communicate when far from each other. However, numerous studies prove the opposite: social media platforms not only worsen the user’s ability to share thoughts but also distort communication processes, creating more problems than they can solve.

Communication in social networks leaves no time, energy, and desire for communication in the real world. It makes no sense to meet with someone for exchanging information since messengers can be used as a means of communication. The negative consequences are apparent since the young part of the world’s population is gradually refusing to contact other people depriving themselves of the experience of improving their communicative qualities.

Probably the most disturbing phenomenon associated with virtual communication is a decrease in the quality of interpersonal communication. A new generation has grown up that prefers to communicate, solve personal and work problems only through social network services. According to statistics of recent years, almost 93% of the surveyed adolescents perceive most of the communication as a non-verbal process that requires additional means: emoticons (Akram & Kumar, 2017). This creates several problems since, without these different tools, it is increasingly difficult for people to understand each other both in classical correspondence and in live communication.

The use of social networks guarantees some negative consequences for society. Among the examples of the adverse impact of social networks on a person, there is a decrease in the quality of interpersonal communication and a reduction in live communication. However, they can be reduced by limiting their use of social networks and more live communicating. In addition, virtual interaction should be excluded from the lives of children until they reach adolescence. Compliance with these simple rules will make life more comfortable and less dependent on social networks.


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