The Film “Tucker – the Man and His Dream”

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There is so much to learn about successful entrepreneurship from the “Tucker – the Man and His Dream”. This movie is about the most important characteristics of a successful business. Every successful entity starts with a man or woman with a great vision, an incredible dream. The successful venture is more often than not the embodiment of the fulfilled dream. In a few instances, entrepreneurs simply follow a straight line to success (Roger 1).

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Tucker is a master dreamer with a great ability to inspire a team and get them committed to building a great car. In any business, an idea alone is not enough. The entrepreneur must have the capacity to draw a team to help with the galvanization of the ideas in his dream. However, as with many ventures that fail, Tucker simply fails to plan ahead for any eventualities of the time. He fails to calculate risks and buries his head in an aura of wheezing success.

The greatest potential

The most difficult aspects of business and entrepreneurship development is the ability to accurately predict the future. We can give a fairly good prediction by borrowing from the past and the present trends. The telecommunication and mobile service application sector is an industry of excellent potential in the U.S. Given its dynamism, the ever improving technology, and the present interconnectivity among consumers, this industry is headed for more expansion. The projections of possible economic growth particularly in the countries in Latin America and Asia-Pacific have a great potential to influence this market in the U.S.A. (Brereton 1).

Even though this industry has been in America much longer than in the neighboring nations, it is evident that the increased connectivity and reliance on the internet will push this industry to bigger heights in the next 20 years. Web based industries are currently on the prowl. There is a likelihood of fusion between the social networking and gaming. Since social media is gaining entrance into the mainstream life of individuals. The social media and gaming is likely to be integrated into the mainstream economy of many industries in the U.S.A.

The Main Driving Force

The main driving force of this growth is the ever continuing reliance on internet connectivity for communication and into almost every aspect of life. The creation of mobile phone banking has also contributed to pushing this industry into the leading position as we look into the next 20 years.

The reason why companies are involved with actuarial work is because they gain access into the predictions of the future (Christopher 1).

Current Events and their Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The Solar Panel

This is how I will be able to make money from this trend. Whereas the world continues to face energy shortages and fluctuation in crude oil prices, solar energy offers a great opportunity particularly in lighting and powering schools in low income states. Partnering with different NGOs I will pioneer supply of the solar panels to the identified and deserving cases.

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Green Technology Housing

It remains a challenge to design of houses that will benefit from the green housing revolution. With proper architectural design tools, I will create a company to pioneer cheaper architectural designs for sustainable green buildings. Houses benefiting will also have government waivers on costs which we will definitely share.

Online Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Sales

3 D downloadable online characters that can be fitted and tested by consumers before they make their purchases will be critical to achieving maximum sales and online business. In my plan, my company will be designing appropriate and affordable designs for customer fitting and testing online.

Self-Tanning Product Manufacturing

I will create a portal for leading experts to give explicit information on the self-tanning products. It will be a one stop shop for all data related to these products including how to do it and expert opinion.

For-Profit Universities

Content development will be my key area of expertise and entrepreneurship so that universities may reach many students from all over the world who will simply enroll to learn online through a long distance learning model.

Pilates and Yoga Studios

At each and every upmarket gym, an additional attraction of Pilates and Yoga studio run by my company shall help reach many people who want to get fit by prospects of carrying those heavy weights or working with machines.

Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Patenting is an important area. Many companies will need help with the development and management of intellectual property right, an area my company will be a leading consultant in.

Hot Sauce Production

Creative distribution of this product with options of online purchase is the push behind my companies creative and genius online sales line. It will connect the consumer to manufacturers and help shorten time of delivery.

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3D Printer Manufacturing

The gap exists for the manufacture of the 3D printers. Since this is a capital intensive operation, my company shall seek to partner with the largest operator where we supply the ingredient of clients’ desire while the company provides the physical facility.

Social Network Game Development

My company shall be in the forefront of cutting edge game development while ensuring their adoptability and fit to the social media.

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