The Final Scene of the Singin’ in the Rain: Review

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I have selected the final scene of the Singin’ in the Rain because I liked it the most. In this five-minute long cut, Lina lip-syncs into a microphone while Kathy sings instead of her behind the curtain. At the end of it, R.F., Don, and Cosmo reveal the real star voice of The Dancing Cavalier by raising the curtain. It is a simple but, at the same time, funny scene exposing fakery and serving justice. To my mind, the style of scenery and costumes is consistent with the silent film era and its aesthetics. Women are wearing colorful dresses with a dropped waist and creeping hemlines (flappers), while men enjoy black three-piece suits with wide lapels.

In terms of filming, the director seemingly did not intend to use the long take in this part. On the contrary, this dynamic scene consists of separate cuts that establish a meaningful and staggered sequence that directly follows the course of events. Nevertheless, closer framing is successfully applied here, especially when showing close the face of crying and then smiling Kathy or the billboard at the end. Medium and medium-long shots are dominant in this scene, while there is no significant camera movement.

I like the over-the-shoulder shot that brought another perspective to the scene. The camera was placed behind the male characters to show Lina and Kathy separated by the curtain. In general, I enjoy the film’s editing style as it is dynamic and natural for musicals. I would ad some long shots, and long takes to make this scene even more dynamic and modern. Eventually, I would lengthen the final cut with Kathy and Don standing in front of the billboard.