The Internet Communication

The Internet, as one of the types of communication, appeared in 1957 in the USA in order to create a new information transfer system. There are also other types of mass media such as radio, TV, and newspaper; and the Internet is the fourth type that entered the sphere of mass media. The Internet is a more specific type of communication than newspapers and TV because it possesses the characteristic features of both types, and it will possess not only these features in the future.

The Internet expands its borders and now, even if people do not read the newspapers and do not watch TV, they will not miss something valuable, because the Internet today is the most widespread system of transferring information.

The Internet is not the last excellent source of information in our developing society. In the near future, there must be some innovations that will help the Internet to develop its possibilities and perspectives due to its influence on the media audience.

If we speak about media technologies it is important to admit that they develop very fast, and people cannot sometimes even catch the technological development. The Internet uses modern technology to possess the fastest way of transferring information. This type of communication helps people not only to find and get the necessary information but also develop their own business, for example, or communicate with their relatives if they live abroad (Pelsmaker, 72).

If we speak about business then there are a lot of possibilities to promote your company or corporation, to make a lot of advertisements of the services you provide; and it gives you a wonderful chance to increase the level of your company.

Earlier there were no computers, the Internet, and mobile phones, the technological progress made an essential impact on the development of types of mass media. The evolution of technologies gives the great chance for people who want to do business. The internet helps many companies to support all the current processes such as advertisements, communication with international clients; and even helps to find the customers on the services they provide (SD dimension, 1).

Most of the companies have their own website in order to promote the organization. If the customer is interested in the service of this or that company he can easily search the Internet and find the necessary information. There are a lot of different chats which help people to communicate with each other sending different messages and receiving letters.

If we are interested in a particular topic and we want to discuss it with other people or just to read the meanings of other people, we can easily do it. Forums are services which are provided by different internet companies. We can discuss different questions on this or that topic and even if we do not know anything about this topic but we are interested in it, you can read the information which is provided by people on the forum.

The Internet is a very influential type of mass media. It gives the society a lot of different possibilities to find the necessary information or just to communicate with foreigners.

The potential of the Internet for the development of new interactive media is very huge. The Internet gives a valuable example of how technological progress can influence the development of new types of mass media. The Internet is a vivid example of such a new type of communication. Nowadays, with the help of the Internet, people have the opportunity to find the information they need, go shopping, or play online casinos at home (Hirts, 145).

The Internet provides different communication services, such as e-mail, internet telephone, and web cameras, and also the service of emergency calls. E-mail is one of the most important services provided by the Internet.

It gives a great opportunity to send messages to another person even if he has an e-mail on different networks. Very essential thing is to distinguish the difference between the internet and internal e-mail (SD dimension, 1).

Using the internet e-mail you can deliver the letter or messages to a person even if he has an e-mail address of different networks. Internal e-mail is such a kind of e-mail that is usually used for corporative communication. For example, if you work in a large organization or a company; and you should communicate with workers who work together with you. Or you have to use internal e-mail in order to communicate with your chief. The internal e-mail is used only in the organization and no one could read these messages. The documents and files can be sent through e-mail as an attachment.

Another service of communication that is provided by the Internet is Internet telephony. Internet telephony can be used as a usual telephone. So to say, people can communicate with each other hearing the voice. The idea of telephony on the Internet appeared in the 1990s like voice applications for computers. The main peculiarity of it is that Internet has the voice traffic. It may cost some money but also can be free. And if it is free, the cost of it will be less than the usual traditional telephone, especially, when you call in long distances.

To understand how Internet communication can be influenced by commercial interests there are a lot of web-based examples which have commercial interests.

The first web-based example is the website This is the site of the commercial company L&P Media. This company provides global communication solutions through mediums and technologies. L&P supports a great number of clients in order to reach communication purposes. They can reach the purposes in any format. They provide social media as well as brand building.

Another vivid example is the website The site of the company provides different services for its clients. Everyone can become a client of this company. If you want to use the services of this company, you should just contact it and pay the cost for using different services.

The site is also a vivid example of commercial influence on communication. This is the internet provider of voice, data, internet, and video over satellite solutions for fixed and mobile communication needs for businesses worldwide.

The site is the site of the company which provides many services for the clients, such as video, forum, online games. Team Speak is a kind of software for quality voice communication through the Internet.

The commercial influence on communication is widespread nowadays. Many internet providers propose different services; including communication. But very often these services are not free.

The commercial company, using commercial technologies to provide its services, usually settles high or low prices on the use of its services.

The present-day society usually has the ability to connect the commercial internet companies in order to have a good quality of communication or promoting of the business. But, there is also another part of the society that thinks that it is not accessible to pay for the communication.

The Internet is influenced by the commercial because many providers have the commercial purposes to sell something, to provide new technologies or equipment which makes the access to the Internet better.


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