The Lead Company’s Truforce HRM Software

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Due to the ever rising number of employees at the Lead Company, there has been the need to develop a system that can assist the company’s management to effectively monitor the workforce. Fortunately, the human resource department has been able to develop a system that it feels will help the company carry out the task of monitoring employees in a more cost-effective way (Allen & Terry 2005, p. 181).

The system that the HR department has developed is called Truforce HRM Software. This system has the ability to optimize the activities of the HR, ranging from rewarding talented and hardworking employees, tracking the personnel to the general management of the workforce. The software is designed in such a way that it will assist the company to reduce the cost it normally incurs in the HR activities (Waddill & Marquardt 2011, p. 106).

Truforce HRM has four main sections. The ‘interactive dashboard system’, which provides a space in which the information from any part of the software, can be collected and be controlled fast. The second section is the ‘employee manager’. This section enables the HR department to centralize all the issues relating to the employees. That is, the section provides an opportunity to view all the details of the employees in a more centralized manner. The ‘core reporting’ within the software is responsible for analyzing the data of the employees. Lastly, the ‘employment center’ ensures that the company copes with the growing number of the employees (Allen & Terry 2005, p. 184).

Advantages of Truforce HRM Software

Truforce HRM software will enable the company to adjust in many areas especially those that affect the human resource department. Firstly, there will be an improvement in the hiring processes. It is a fact that the number of people who apply for jobs at the IT Company has dramatically increased. As a result, the HR staff has become overwhelmed with perusing the files manually to assess the eligibility of the applications. For that reason, the department will be using the software to stream line the hiring process. This will be possible since the system can be used to create advanced qualifications of the job, which will then be displayed directly on the website of the company (Waddill & Marquardt 2011, p. 109).

Through the software, the HR department will be at the best position to track and maintain the attendance of the employees. As a matter of fact, monitoring the attendance of the employees within the company has always been a great challenge. The software has ‘attendance manager’ section, which the HR personnel will use to record and control the way the employees spend their work time (Allen & Terry 2005, p. 185).

The ‘task and calendar management’ is a section within the software, which is useful when it comes to remembering and managing important dates of the company. Through task management, the HR personnel can easily assign work to one or more employees. The section also enables the personnel to monitor and evaluate the progress of the task, which has been assigned to a given employee. On the other hand, the calendar management will enable the HR staff to organize the company’s important dates in a more centralized manner. In addition, this section also has the ability to attach reminder to the events considered important to the company (Peng 2011, p. 463).

The employees of Lead Company have in the recent past been involving themselves in accidents while at work. Unfortunately, most of these accidents normally go unreported. There are also other incidents in the company, which go unreported to the management. The records of these incidents may be important in situations such as defending an employee or the company in legal issues. Through this software, the management will be able to monitor everything that goes on in the company. For that reason, none of the events will ever go unnoticed. This will be done through the ‘incident manager’ section (Allen & Terry 2005, p. 187).

Weakness of the Software and the Recommended Improvements

Even though the software will come with numerous benefits, it has a few limitations. Firstly, the system is too complicated to operate. The system has many sections, which make it difficult for ordinary HR staff members to operate it. This implies that the company will have to part with a lot of money to train the members who are not well conversant with the system. The fact that the system monitors everything that the employees do while at work is likely to interfere with employees’ privacy. This will in turn demoralize even the hardworking employees (Peng 2011, p. 466).

It is recommended that some improvements be made to the software before it is eventually incorporated into the company’s management system. Some of the sections especially those that have a lot of importance will have to be deleted from the system. For instance, ‘benefit manager’ and ‘calendar management’ sections can be removed and the software will still remain effective. The removal will make the system less complicated (Waddill & Marquardt 2011, p. 110).


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