The Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Islands

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The ability to produce power by influencing atoms, either by breaking them apart or fusing them, is nuclear power. By dividing its atoms, a material such as uranium may be utilized to generate heat and even electricity. Usually, power plants need the energy to produce electricity, while nuclear reactors do not generate power. Reactors, on the other hand, use the heat produced during fission as fuel. Fission occurs within a nuclear power plant’s reactor. The core, which stores the uranium fuel, is located in the heart of the reactor.

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The Three Mile Island accident occurred when plant number two of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg, partially melted down. Some evidence suggests that “it is the most significant accident in the history of commercial nuclear power plants in the United States” (NRC Web). The incident was graded a five on the seven-point International Nuclear Event Scale as an accident with far-reaching effects.

It is highly debated among different communities and scientists about the advantages and drawbacks of nuclear power. In comparison with other energy sources, without polluting the air, nuclear energy provides constant electricity generation. However, nuclear power facilities generate radioactive waste when their fuel is manufactured, while they are functioning, and after they are deactivated. Consequently, it is difficult to manage and dispose of this garbage. Nuclear accidents are rare, but the circumstances are dangerous because these disasters release large amounts of radioactive material into the environment.

In conclusion, it is profitable to utilize nuclear power in order to produce energy. Nonetheless, it has drawbacks, such as radioactive waste and unforeseen consequences if something goes wrong. Even though nuclear power plants do not pollute the air and consistently produce large quantities of energy, it is still not worth building them due to their precariousness.


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