The Progressive Era in the United States

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The progressive era was a period between the 1980s and 1920s in the US that was dominated by political reforms and social activism. As a result, the era gave rise to various aspects and legislations, including democracy, efficiency, regulation, social justice, prohibition, and conservation processes. This progressive movement brought about changes in the world which are currently being witnessed. This crusade led to the improvement of people’s lives and their communities. Some of the achievements realized by this movement include bringing about democracy worldwide. During choosing a leader, fairness is being practiced in almost every country. Democracy ensures no dictatorship, and citizens elect the leader they want. Moreover, women can now vie for leadership positions. Another influence is environmental conservation of resources, waste, and natural beauty to provide a healthy surrounding. Today many countries are struggling to protect human health from environmental hazards like waste and pollution. An example is Kenya’s ban on the use of polythene papers as a measure of controlling pollution and environmental degradation.