The Three Types of Justice Which Fairness of Different Situations

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Studies point out three basic forms of justice from which individuals can make their decisions. These are communicative justice, distributive justice and social justice. Communicative justice champions for the respect of dignity for every individual when making decisions in economic transactions, promising or making contracts. For example, while workers must be obedient and loyal to the organization, the organization must ensure that it justly pays each employee according to the workload. On its part, distributive justice involves the fact that all people in need to be considered when making decisions concerning wealth, power and income distribution. This form of justice points out that a fair distribution should be made to consider all members of the community including those who do not have a voice. It is the obligation of the community to recognize every member of the community by ensuring that each has access to basic material resources.

Finally, scholars identify the third form of justice to be social justice. This form of justice purports that every human being has the right to participate actively in all social aspects of life. He also has the right to be productive. This is what forms a balanced economic, social and political organization of the society. In addition, the concept points out that it is the role of society to give each member the platform to achieve these rights and obligations. Social justice therefore advocates for ensuring that each member of the society has the chance to actively participate in economic, social and political decision-making.

These forms of justice are rooted in western culture and take a retributive approach. However, not all forms of justice take this approach. For example, the Eastern approach to justice is not retributive. Instead, it is revenge-oriented. One has to pay for every wrong that he commits. Therefore, the main difference between the justice system in the United States and China is that the American system is based on retribution while the Chinese is revenge-oriented.