Trafficking in Human Beings Is a Problem of the Times

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Human trafficking is a global problem that affects the lives of millions of people in almost every country in the world and that deprives them of their human dignity. As one of the worst crimes in the world, human trafficking misleads and victimizes women, men, and children from all over the world and causes them to be exploited on a daily basis. There are many consequences of human trafficking, but with the help of the state, there is a chance to prevent the emergence of new victims.

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Child Trafficking

Child Used for Forced Labor

In the modern world, criminals actively use children as a means of earning money. Children are forced to engage in commercial sexual acts, domestic servitude, and work in professions that are morally, physically, and psychologically harmful. Williams (2017) claims that the current number of American children subjected to commercial exploitation is between 1,400 and 2 million. There are a large number of work processes that provide for the possibility of using child, cheap, unskilled labor.

Children as Sex Slaves

In addition to working, children are used in sexual slavery. Child sex tourism, pornography, and violence are the main ways for criminals to make money. Children from poor, dysfunctional families or those who run away from home usually become victims of child pimps, as they are easy to manipulate and dominate. The main strategy for combating the sexual exploitation of children should be to make the invisible visible.

Sexual Slavery

Sex Tourism

Another area of human trafficking is the use of adults as sex slaves. There is such a direction of travelling as sex tourism, in which women are used as travel companions, satisfying the sexual desires of those who pay for it. Sexual tourism involves hotels, travel operators, and agents, as well as other branches related to the tourist business. As long as the demand for this type of entertainment exists, the supply will only grow.

Organ Trade

Human trafficking is also carried out for the purpose of selling people’s organs. Organ transplantation at the cost of one life can save hundreds of thousands of other lives, and therefore, the demand is very high. Mahmood and Ahmed (2021) state that rich people who can afford organ transplants acquire them from the poor who become victims of human trafficking. Organs are often sold illegally, which makes this crime even more horrific and virtually eliminates the possibility of monitoring the disappearance of people.

Legalized Prostitution

Women who are victims of traffickers often become prostitutes. Some of them had been forced into this kind of violence since childhood and had no resources to avoid it. In some countries, prostitution has become legal, which has played a positive role for some women working in this field. Since legalization there were requirements for the licensing of brothels, the security of women themselves has increased. Furthermore, in countries with legalized prostitution, the black market was excluded, which improved the situation of women working in this field.

Forced Labor

In addition to using people for sexual purposes and selling them for organs, people are used for forced, heavy, and unpaid labor. Construction, fishing, textile, and other industries use people as slaves, to obtain maximum benefits. Akbarov (2021) believes that most of the use of people occurs outside of their home country. Since people who have become victims of trafficking receive no pay, this makes the maintenance of such people profitable for entrepreneurs.

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In conclusion, the problem of human trafficking is one of the most terrible ones. Until the most drastic measures are taken, the sex industry, the use of children as slaves, and forced labor will continue to exist and thrive, allowing people to make money from the exploitation of others. The state needs to take decisive measures that will contribute to the eradication of this business, as well as punish people who have destroyed a large number of other people’s lives.


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