Usage of Information Systems in Companies

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Information systems are formal, technical systems that are almost used by organizations to collect, store and process information for work; these systems can be laptops or software. Nowadays, almost all companies are using Information systems. Some of the most famous companies are Amazon, Walmart, and Netflix. These companies use the information system in their daily operations. This work was written with the aim of analyzing companies that use information systems.

Walmart has retail locations all over the world; the bar code system, which is an essential system used by the business. The business employs this store bar code technology to accurately and effectively manage the data (Almazán et al., 2017). Since it helps the business track its sales, the bar code system is a need for the business. The bar codes are used to collect specific data, which is subsequently utilized to assess sales.

The value chain’s many components, including incoming logistics, management, freight forwarding, marketing and sales, and services, have all been integrated by Amazon using information systems. Amazon has two information systems in terms of technical development: Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Simple Storage Service (S3). In order to build an online platform, Amazon uses the AWS information system, while S3 provides cloud computing, recovery, backup, and content distribution. Customer relationship management (CRM) technologies are used by Netflix to provide customers with better service. CRM systems identify client requirements, desires, and behaviors (Almazán et al., 2017). It repositioned itself as a client-centric business rather than emphasizing its concentration on the creation of new services at any cost and without direct consumer feedback.

To summarize, companies are leaders in their fields and have been building their strategies for interacting with society for years. This shows that companies have much influence over people, and with the advent of technology, this has increased as it has become easier to analyze people’s needs (Almazán et al., 2017). If modern information systems were not used in these companies, these leaders would still impact people, but to a lesser extent, because the analysis of needs would take much longer.


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