Views of Reagan on the Government Role in the Economy

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Ronald Reagan became the President of the USA at a time when the country had suffered massive setbacks in terms of suffering diminishing growth in almost all fronts of the economy in addition to a decline in the morale that resulted from a gradual deterioration of the country’s image and financial strength during the term of the previous President, which had greatly tarnished the image of America on the international front. It was for this reason that the people had chosen a President with whom they had high hopes in bringing the economy back on track in keeping with their aspirations of maintaining the country’s supremacy on the international front.

Reagan’s speech at the time of taking office was primarily in the nature of boosting the morale of the people in reiterating that the USA had become the superpower that it is today solely because of the courage, sincerity, and determination of the American people in setting exceptional standards and goals and achieving them by sheer dint of their faith in the culture and values of the country. During this speech, Reagan highlighted the fact that the present problems though being of high magnitude, could be overcome if the people cooperated with the government in implementing changes that could be certainly brought about if each of the citizens took upon themselves these tasks as personal goals to effect a transformation for the betterment of the country.

He stressed the need for the government to bring about a drastic change in tax reforms, to take concrete measures in reducing the government borrowings and spending in efforts to reduce the budgetary deficits. This would uplift the economy is taking off on the path of sustained growth and in doing away with the high rate of inflation that had taken the brunt of most earnings of Americans.

He conveyed in his speech that the power of the government came from the people, and hence it was the duty of each individual to bring about a healthy, growing, and vigorous economy that provided equal opportunity for all Americans. He said that people have a great role in assisting the government in putting the country back on track. He expressed his desire to bring about reforms in giving more power and authority to states since the power of the Federal government came from the states. He conveyed his intention that the state government will work in partnership with the Federal government and that it will be a partnership between the two in bringing about higher prosperity and value for the American people.