WalMart Company’s Communication Strategies

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Wal-Mart is the largest retail store in the world. This firm is operating in a highly competitive industry. To manage this type of competition, this firm needs a communication system that will make it pass the relevant information to the stakeholders within the shortest period. The communication strategy that this firm uses has been considered effective in reaching out to its employees and customers. In this study, the focus will be to analyze the communication strategy used by Wal-Mart, and how effective it is in reaching out to its customers.

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Strategies That Wal-Mart Uses to Make its Customers Want to Return

In this industry, the sustainability of a firm is always determined by its ability to maintain a steady flow of repeat customers. It is necessary to find a way of convincing customers to revisit its stores as a way of expanding the market share. Wal-Mart does this through several strategies. The first strategy that this firm uses to achieve this is through the effective communication system. The firm has been keen to maintain a close relationship with its customers so that it can determine the views of the customers and work upon them as soon as possible. The customers can easily communicate with the attendants or the supervisors when they have any issue. This has made them feel valued, making them loyal customers. The firm also offers better products at fair prices, a strategy that has also helped it increase its customer base.

Efficiency in Wal-Mart’s Communication System

Wal-Mart’s communication system has been successful in reaching both customers and employees. The figure below shows the internal communication strategy that the firm has embraced.

Efficiency in Wal-Mart’s Communication System.

As shown in the diagram above, the firm embraces a communication system where the top management and the junior employees can communicate directly. This does not mean that the mid-managers are disregarded in this system. They also have a role to play in this communication system. This way, the top management will always be aware of the specific issues affecting the junior employees and determine the best ways of addressing them. The decision by the management to embrace the use of online marketing has also improved its ability to communicate with its customers.

How Employees Are Treated

At Wal-Mart, employees are always treated with dignity. As shown in the communication strategy above, the top management has allowed the junior employees to express their views freely. The top management unit respects the views of the junior employees because it is aware that they are always in constant contact with the customers, and therefore, understand the market needs better than the management unit.

Improvements Wal-Mart Can Make In Terms Of Their Communication Practices

It is a fact that the communication strategy used by Wal-Mart is effective, but it can be improved even further if the management considers addressing some pertinent issues. The management should make an effort to increase its presence in social media. The marketing unit should consider using Facebook, Tweeter, and YouTube as a means of reaching out to the customers.

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Can This Business Serve As a Corporate Communication Model?

This business can serve as a corporate communication model. Wal-Mart is one of the most successful firms in the world. Its effective communication system should be emulated by other firms.