What Did George Washington Thanksgiving Proclamation State?

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George Washington’s Thanksgiving proclamation stated that there should be a special day when all Americans would unite in the appreciation of safety and happiness across the United States, celebrating all the religious and civil liberties that are available to them.


For the first time, George Washington, the first President of the United States, declared the possibility of introducing Americans to a Thanksgiving Day in 1789, several months after he became the President. The day of public thanksgiving was expected to become one of the most important national holidays as it revolved around the ideas of liberation, celebration, and happiness. When Washington finally released the original proclamation, it was met with enthusiasm and contentment as Americans quickly realized the value of this holiday.

According to the contents of the Proclamation, George Washington, as the most important founding father, expected the nation to render humble thanks for all the people across the United States who contributed to the development of the country on a daily basis. Washington also celebrated the fact that Americans became a Nation and ended the Revolutionary War that caused damage to most people across the United States.

With the release of the Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, George Washington wanted to bring peace, happiness, and safety to the top of the nation’s list of interests. He considered that every American deserves to have at least one day during the year when they have the absolute right to rejoice freedom, peaceful life, and numerous liberties that came with the end of the Revolutionary War.