When Group Counselling Is More Effective Than Individual One

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Counseling is a process, which calls for attention and close assessment of clients from therapists, who take time to understand their requirements and provide a workable and practical solution. Apparently, therapy is a process, which involves a counselor and the client working together in a confidential manner. In some instances, a counselor may require the clients to involve themselves in groups. The need to advise clients to involve themselves in groups emanates from the importance of group therapies. According to Spink, two scenarios where group counseling applies most include addiction and relationship issues. After a close assessment and understanding of the needs of clients, the counselor advises them on the essence of involving themselves in group therapies. Thereafter, the therapists help them join a group and share their issues with others.

The relevance of group counseling in addiction occasions is because by sharing their experiences and challenges, addicted individuals understand that others have experienced a similar problem. The individuals then acquire the drive to fight and overcome the challenge. Consequently, in the scenario that concerns relationships, individuals, who have challenges in their relationships, need to involve themselves in groups so that they can understand that they are not in the problem alone. By involving themselves in groups and interacting with others, clients realize that they are not the only victims going through a particular problem, but others are also experiencing or have experienced and overcome the challenge. As such, group therapies are very practical in addressing scenarios that concern addicted clients or those suffering from relationship problems. The reasons that call for group therapies comprise addiction and challenges in relationships.