Why Gay Marriage Should Be Accepted

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Homosexuals and lesbians are not less human because of their status. Campaigns against gay marriage do not have any solid arguments but are only full of prejudice. Human beings have no right to judge others based on their sexuality because no one is perfect. The same people who were against marriage between Whites and Blacks are the same ones with reservations when it comes to gay marriage. The critics of gay marriage do not understand the reasons why people find themselves in homosexual relationships in the first place. Lesbians and gays were born by straight people and do not cease to become sons and daughters just because they are in homosexual relationships. This paper will highlight some of the reasons why gay marriage should be accepted. Gay marriage is just like any other marriage and society should learn to accept it.

Gays have a right to get married just like straight people (Anderson, 2010). They have the freedom to love whoever they want as long as they are not interfering with the freedom of other people. Denying gay people their freedom to get married means that straight people should also not be allowed to marry (Anderson, 2010). There is no single person who has come out in the open and claimed that they are affected by what gay people do in their bedrooms. Whatever gay people do with their lives and bodies does not concern us because they are mature adults who have made their choice. There are those people who claim that gay people can not reproduce but there are some straight couples who can not reproduce (Lopez, 2009). The idea of having children is a personal choice and no marriage should be condemned because it can not produce children. There are straight couples with the ability to have children but have chosen to be without children and no one condemns them because of that. The issue of children should not be the basis of discouraging gay marriage (Lopez, 2009).

Marriage is a legal affair and not a religious affair as some people have come to believe (Lopez, 2009). The fact that some religions are against gay marriage does not mean that gay people can not get married. Gay people should be allowed to get married as long as they can get legal marriage documents from the government. It is not fair to impose some religious teachings on people if they do not believe in them. Every person should be allowed to marry a person of their choice as long as the law allows (Rimmerman, 2007). There are some people who are not gay by choice but were naturally born with those feelings. People are always quick to judge without looking at things from the other person’s point of view. It is important to imagine how you would feel if you were the one facing this kind of discrimination (Rimmerman, 2007). Every person has a right to be different and this should be made clear.

The sanctity of marriage has been ruined by straight people and therefore gay people should be given a chance to give marriage a try (Rimmerman, 2007). The main purpose of marriage is companionship and it does not matter whether the companion is of the same sex or of different sex. There are very few divorce cases involving gay people compared to straight people (Lopez, 2009). This shows that gay people should be allowed to marry as long as they keep the sanctity of marriage. There can be no equal rights and justice if gay people are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. A country can not claim to respect human rights and liberties if it does not allow gay people to get married (Lopez, 2009). Love is a matter of the heart and the government and society, in general, can not dictate to people the kind of person they are supposed to fall in love with. There are some state benefits that come with marriage and gay people deserve to enjoy such benefits like everyone else. The rights of gay people should not be taken away because of religion (Anderson, 2010). The equality crusade should be emphasized even when it comes to marriage. Straight people should not claim to be superior to gay people just because of sexual orientation. All men are equal before God regardless of whether they are straight or gay (Anderson, 2010).

In conclusion, gay marriage should be accepted because there are many valid reasons why gay people have a right to marry like everyone else. Countries that are yet to legalize gay marriages should do so because it is unfair to deny any person their right to marry because they are gay. Religion should not be used to condemn gay marriage because marriage is a legal affair (Anderson, 2010). Society should learn to accept gay marriage because many heterosexual marriages are falling apart. It is difficult to understand gay people if you are very judgmental. Gay people have romantic feelings like everyone else and should not be condemned for falling in love with a person of their choice (Anderson, 2010). Marriage is a legal affair that should be respected and accepted whether it involves straight people or gay people.


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