A Less Healthy Family and Its Characteristics

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Relationships among loved ones in families in many ways form the background of society and are an indicator that determines modern values ​​and moral and ethical norms. From a sociological perspective, the concept of a healthy family concerns not the health of each of its members but the quality of interaction. Accordingly, a less healthy family is the one in which generally accepted norms of communication and parenting are violated or cannot be implemented for specific reasons. As Newland states, healthy parent-child relationships involve emotional and behavioral stability, the freedom of self-expression, and secure attachment. This means that in case one or all of these criteria are not observed within a single family, it can be called less healthy and the one that needs help from social services.

When considering unhealthy relationships in families, one can assume that the manifestations of the problem can be of different nature. Newland remarks that social, physical, and emotional resilience are cumulative factors that cannot be separated from one another. Otherwise, a family may be characterized as one that lacks crucial interaction features that allow each member to feel protected and loved. In other words, the less traditional values ​​are maintained, the higher is the likelihood of problems and psychological pressure. These aspects of healthy relationships need to be analyzed in the context of ensuring the safety of children who, being in difficult and aggressive conditions of upbringing, cannot develop comprehensively. According to Newland, cognitive well-being is inseparable from physical one when unhealthy family relationships are promoted. Moreover, in the absence of support from competent social boards and services, many adults cannot overcome the existing barriers successfully, which exacerbates the problem. Therefore, to build strong relationships among loved ones, the promotion of modern values ​​is a mandatory aspect in families.