Personal Memory of Miami and Link to Race and Ethnicity

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First of all, it is worth saying that I am an American of a mostly European race with genetic admixtures of unidentified ethnicities. I have visited Miami several times, and I remember it as an amazing and unique big city located on the southeast side of Florida. It seems that the main attraction of the resort town is probably the local climate. However, one of the most memorable places I was able to visit was Jungle Island, a vast zoological theme park where wild animals exist in harmony and without social pressure.

Of course, the park does not give animals and birds absolute freedom and life on the outside but tries to recreate the atmosphere that is characteristic of the great habitual habitats. After a visit to the park, I remember well some representatives of the fauna that are impressive in their size, shape, and behavior. White tigers, lemurs, genetic hybrids, and certainly parrots are the brightest representatives of our planet’s rare and unique fauna.

Performing this activity makes me remember pleasant impressions from visiting the park. It was a long time ago, but I still remember with nostalgia how I saw all these rare animals, fed lemurs with grapes, and touched parrots. I believe that such tasks make me look at my experience in a slightly different way, perform self-reflection and assess how significant this or that event was. The project carried out by the Museum of Art and Design at Miami Dade College is a useful and patriotic work that is relevant for both the 2020 pandemic and future generations. For this reason, I can say that I was pleased to do this task.