Qualitative Research Methodology: Pilot Survey and Testing

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Innovativeness that can support change within a system should have been derived from thorough research work; to determine whether individual research reports quality to have a quality that can be relied on to implement change the best way of testing is having pilot surveys and testing. Under this process, the recommendations and results of individual research reports are tested in an artificial environment where the outcome is interpolated and analyzed. In an organizational setting, the artificial environment may mean a certain department where the change can be interpolated from. In the case of testable results, tests should be done on ideal situations and real situations like test tubes, other pirates, animals, and in the lab. When doing the testing, it is important to regulate the environment to cater to different changes likely to occur when the system is changing and operating.

When testing and surveying, it is important to note the effects of the larger environment and incorporate them into the final outcome. Depending on the research problem, it is important to interpolate the variable (independent and dependent) that the researcher used as they have an effect on the quality of research reports. Analyzing and interpolation methods used by the researcher should be evaluated and ensured that they meet high standards to facilitate the dependency of research reports. Before adopting a new system fully, it is important to first run it with the old system to facilitate a full understanding of the system and make improvements without an adverse effect on usual business operations.