Three Individual Major Sources of Stress

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Time Management

People have different stress triggers depending on their environment, challenges, and personality. One of my major sources of stress is time management, and this has been a constant issue in my life since childhood. Studying and working part-time require good time management because both tasks are excessively demanding. My weekdays are fully packed because I have to wake up by 6 o’clock in the morning, be at work by 7.30 A.M and then later leave for my classes at 10.30 A.M. Additionally, I have to get back to work after school at 4.30 P.M and then head back home at 8.30 P.M. My problem is that I am quite slow at organizing my day and therefore in most instances, I get late both in school and at my workplace. I feel stressed every time because there is a lot to do within twenty-four hours, but I fail to accomplish all of these tasks in time and as expected. As a result, I get irritated, feel frustrated, and suffer from fatigue and withdrawal.


Money is one item that everyone needs to survive, which is the main reason why people go to school, pursue their dreams, and get employed or start businesses. Unfortunately, when an individual fails to get enough, finances become a major cause of stress in one’s life. I am a victim of financial stress because I get frustrated every time I need to buy a service or product, but I do not have sufficient funds. The fact that I have to juggle between school and work means I cannot fully concentrate on the latter to earn much money as I would want. Furthermore, there are a few times I have run into debts and sought assistance to pay basic bills. I would wish to be fully independent but having to ask my parents for money now and again gives me stress.

Environmental Stressors

Aside from time constraints and financial issues, there are various environmental factors that can also trigger stress consciously and subconsciously. These sources of stress are found in everyday surroundings and usually cause minor irritations. For me, loud noises can heighten my tension levels, and using an alarm clock to wake me up is enough to exasperate me. Similarly, I get uncomfortable when exposed to extreme temperatures, and this can lead to a sudden change of mood. It is unfortunate that noise and extreme temperature are things I have limited control over, and therefore managing them can be a challenge.