Americans With Disabilities Act

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Americans with Disabilities Act: Example 1

The article of my choice concerns the controversy of the existing ADA rules. On the one hand, it must be admitted that ADA has finally helped the disabled feel that they are worthy members of society and that they have the right to enjoy the same facilities as the others and with the same comfort. However, at present, it seems that the Act has a number of loopholes that make a good case for the sue-everyone-in-town problem.

To be more exact, the article tells about a bunch of companies sued in Sacramento for not offering specific facilities for the disabled. Scott Johnson, a quadriplegic lawyer, checks the local businesses on purpose for specific facilities for the disabled and, not finding such, sues the companies for some $20,000 on average without even giving the owners time to build the required facilities.

Though I fully agree that the disabled must be offered corresponding services or them to feel comfortable, it seems that Johnson is wrong. “He didn’t ask us to even help him,” one of the owners said, which meant that the lawyer checked the restaurant on purpose, to sue the owners later. It seems that for Scott Johnson, ADA rules have become another source of making money, which just is not right.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Example 2

In the given review, the issue of abusing the ADA rules is being discussed. The author of the article review points out that there are a lot of cases when people use the rules and regulations established in ADA without the concern for everyone else and as a means to break other rules without getting punished for that.

To illustrate his idea, the author of the review mentions the case of an old lady who started bringing in cats to the place which she rented, claiming that these cats were her service animals and she could not do without them. Getting no answer to the question about the functions which these cats performed, the landlord had to yield and let the woman have the cats to his own disadvantage.

The given review impressed me a lot. In addition, it made me think of the loopholes in the existing ADA rules and the means to mend these loopholes.


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