Biological & Humanistic Theories Describing Personality

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Personality is a collection of characteristics, thoughts, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, approaches, all of which, in unison, make up a complete individual. There are several factors that impact the development of personality, and humanistic theorists like Maslow and Rogers emphasize rationality, consciousness, and freedom of thought and action when studying personality.

Rogers lays great importance on the concept of self which impacts the manner in which personality is shaped and the behavior of individuals in certain situations. On the other hand, biological theorists affirm that genetic factors have a vital impact on personality in addition to the environment and situations in which people function.

Reviewing the biological as well as the humanistic approach in defining personality, I consider myself to be a combination of both. I believe that my physical features like my eyes, hair, and color of skin are a product of heredity and the way I look, which is a crucial aspect of my personality. Additionally, the environment in which I was born and raised has impacted to a great extent the development of my personality.

However, I also believe that my psychological growth and development have been possible because of the fulfillment of my hierarchical needs and the unique situations in life, which have added to my growth and development as an individual and unique personality. Therefore, I consider that personality is shaped not only by biological, environmental, or situational factors but is impacted by a host of factors that occur every day in the life of an individual.