The Potential Negative Ramifications of Being Sexually Harassed as a Teenager

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Being sexually harassed as a teenager leads to several negative effects. The teenager victims get a feeling of powerlessness such that throughout their lives, they would feel that they have no control of their own lives. Feelings of lacking choices to offer their bodies some protection. These teenagers live with a feeling of betrayal, they imagine that they depend on adults for protection and hence putting much trust in these adults; the same adults failed their duties and offended them. For the non-offending adults, they were nowhere near protecting their teenagers which leaves teenagers to feel betrayed by every adult including their parents.

These teenagers live in a world full of shame and guilt. At the back of the minds of the teenager victims, they know that something went wrong and they keep on blaming themselves for that unhealthy action which was done unto them. In case they lack someone to whom they can disclose the evil deed; they continue suffering from this state of shame and guilt for a very long time in their lives. The strong feeling of sadness keeps on haunting these victims, especially if the offender was someone loved and trusted by the victim. Most of the time the offenders tend to threaten the victim that incases they reveal what had happened, something bad will happen to them. This makes these victims live with the fear of disclosing so as not to face the consequences of punishment or being abandoned by friends and relatives.