Comparison of Rome and the US

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The article of Ibeji (2011) compares two great republics – the Roman Empire and the United States of America. The main idea proclaimed by Ibeji (2011) is that both Rome and the US unintentionally became global superpowers and even hegemons. The primary means to achieving a superior position in the region and spreading the influence is the war. More precisely, the US military budget is the largest one globally, and Rome’s army was also one of the largest at those times. According to Ibeji (2011), both superpowers adhere to the principle of just war, meaning that military intervention should have solid ground. Still, it is arguable that such a republic as the US follows this principle.

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A just cause of war is the external aggression that threatens the survival of a state and the well-being of its people. Nonetheless, the intervention of the US in Iraq in 2003 was implemented without the permission of the US. Also, it was not caused by a necessity to react to the direct military attack of Iraq forces. Rome, in its turn, used the plea for help of some Greek cities to invade southern Italy (Ibeji, 2011). These cases illustrate that the US and Rome tend to take advantage of their superior position on the international stage.

Nonetheless, the previously described military actions of the US and Rome could be justified. More precisely, the critical aim of the Iraq War was to defeat terrorists and destroy weapons of mass destruction. Terrorism is a global problem that threatens all countries in the world and, hence, cannot be ignored. Rome also perceived that if forces of southern Italy pose a danger to some Greek cities, then, later, this threat might affect the republic itself. From this, it could be inferred that these two superpowers did not abuse their wealth and vast military capabilities to promote their interests and spread influence.


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