Contemporary Societies Without Political Parties

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The power under question is purely political, and so a political party is a well-organized unit that will often participate in electoral processes to elect popular and most deserving leadership. In addition, a political party will at times launch protests in cases where it feels the government has overstepped or undone its mandate. It is also a common feature among political parties to participate in educational outreach programs for its supporters in matters related to the political outfit of a given party. A political party will often have its own ideologies both written and pronounced in its activities. Much of these party ideas are contained in a document called the manifesto. On the other hand, democracy is the process through which people elect their governments through the voting process. In other words, a democratic government is the one initiated by the people and for the people themselves.

People are considered to be the source of people in a real democracy. However, this practice of democracy cannot be realized easily without the role played by political parties. One important aspect of political parties in championing the due process of democracy is through providing a vehicle through which citizens can air their views freely and fairly without being mugged by the totalitarian government policies. As an organization, a political party presents the collective views of citizens to the government through formal presentations or protests. It is more effective for citizens to air their opinions through political parties compared to a single individual doing so. In addition, it is through political parties that people are able to participate in a free and fair electoral process in voting for their preferred leadership. Governments without well-structured political parties cannot exercise real democratic practices. Finally, political parties act as a form of check and balance on how the government runs its affairs on a daily basis.