Role of the United Nations in the Creation of World Law

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The United Nations Organisations is an umbrella body that represents and oversees the socio-political and economic interests of the member states. Under the United Nations charter, member countries are bound by laws and regulations which have been mutually agreed upon for purposes of peaceful coexistence and resolution of disputes. It is, therefore, pertinent that the UN creates a set of world laws that supersedes individual state laws. To begin with, one of the roles of the United Nations in creating world laws is peacekeeping and security maintenance.

Under the UN Security Council organ, this body can authorize the dispatch of security forces to war-stricken regions within the member states for the purpose of maintaining peace and harmony, especially where armed conflict is prevalent. Peacekeeping forces sent by the United Nations discharge their duties under strict instructions from the latter. Additionally, United Nations Organisations plays the role of advancing humanitarian assistance in disaster-torn areas as part of its mandate of protecting human rights. Although the UN is mandated to offer humanitarian assistance to its member countries, the perpetrators of such atrocities, which culminate into untold human suffering, are also brought to book according to the existing laws of the organization.

Notwithstanding the noble role played by United Nations, there is ever the need for regional organizations to assist in emphasizing its values and ideals. There are several such regional organizations that are all accountable to the UN, and as such, they are obliged to decentralize the UN functions in creating world law. A case example of a regional outfit is the Organization of American States. One of the key roles of OAS is to make sure that the continent enjoys sustained peace and security. In order to attain this, OAS has an elaborate plan to accelerate a formidable democracy and good governance by strengthening the existing legal structures. Furthermore, the organization works towards making sure that there is a pacific settlement of arising conflicts that are naturally inevitable. Similar regional organizations like the Economic Community of West African States and the United Arab Emirates perform duplicate functions, which are all aimed at maintaining world law and order under the UN provisions.