Cost Effective and Sustainable Practices for Project Construction in UAE

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The aim is to try to find out the cost effective, sustainable, and efficient ways to run construction projects in the UAE.

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  1. Clarify what sustainability is and its relevance to construction management
  2. Find out what sustainable measures and practices are adopted by the UAE construction and their effectiveness
  3. Judge the cost-benefit-analysis of construction projects and the efficiency of how such projects are run


The attainment of sustainability in projects, efficiency and cost effectiveness by construction projects is possible only with the adoption of the current construction practices.

Research methodology

Literature Review


Building and construction sector is a significant one in every economy. Therefore, it must be considered the airtime that it deserves. Therefore, its sustainability and continuity aspects have to be examined very closely.

Sustainability and Built Environment

The construction industry in the UAE is fundamental in the enhanced vibrancy of the UAE economy. Hence, any project run must have some element of sustainability in it. The importance of sustainability, in such a case, is diverse but, most importantly, the sustainability will enhance growth of the urban (Bliss 2006). The growth also defined as a nature of the projects will adhere to the required environmental standards. Therefore, the principles above should be taken into account so that the efforts involved would not be wasted. The principles entail setting targets geared towards efficient construction so that the assets for building should normally be reused. The minimization of energy use should be encouraged as much as possible; buildings designs should also be aimed at waste minimization. Again, pollution of air, water and soil should be avoided. Above all, people must remember that their local resources deserve respect (Bliss 2006).

Construction Industry and Its Impact on the Environment

Throughout the lifetime of buildings, they have a great environmental impact. Specifically, the current construction industry influence our environment in different ways. To mention just a few of them, the industry does not only consume most of the energy in majority of the centers but, at the same time, produces CO2 in the process (Bliss 2006). This depletes the atmosphere and is responsible for most of the pollution that is witnessed in a vibrant economy, like that of the UAE. Most of the waste is also created by the construction industry while consuming even other resources which are non-energy related (Cavanaubh, Tocci & Wilkes 2010).

Sustainable Practices for Construction in the UAE

Because of the negative impact posed by the construction industry in the UAE, the government, as well as the relevant departments, has established procedures. They have entailed rules and regulations, ethics through diversity and integration which force the investors to follow the set procedures and rules (Cavanaubh, Tocci & Wilkes 2010). The practices that are proposed for use include building using specific materials, such as glass which is environmentally friendly; reusing and recycling of materials as a practice as well as the use of renewable sources of energy are also highly recommended and encouraged in the UAE. The government through its relevant agencies also supports local sourcing of the raw materials used for constructions since materials used in the construction industry are always bulky and may be very difficult to transport; moreover, they are expensive. The introduction of such measures has saved a lot in terms of costs, labor and energy. Environmental impact has been reduced drastically (Edgerton 2008).

Since it is very difficult to conduct a descriptive research and bring out a clear impact of sustainability, we are, therefore, left only with hypothesis as a technique to achieve results concerning the same. Hypothetically, sustainability is a measure to ensure that consumption is sustained, as well as its continuous promotion in the future. That is why, it is not depleted or worn out; it can, therefore, be concluded that sustainable use of construction materials in the UAE has had a positive impact in terms of resource conservation and cost reduction while maximizing the benefits (Gorgenländer 2010).

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Several practices can be employed to help reduce CO2 emission into the atmosphere. The materials to be used to achieve this should be carbon free or reduced carbon sources should also be employed. Using such materials as glass should be highly encouraged; building should be designed and planned in such a way to avoid destruction of vegetation. This ensures that the air is always fresh to prevent greenhouse effect, which is a disaster (Weber 2005).

Data collection

Data for the writing of the dissertation is majorly collected from the secondary sources. In addition, the information is majorly found online through the internet apart from just a few pieces which are collected through interviews and questionnaires.

Data analysis

After collecting all the data, it is necessary to ensure that they are analyzed using the relevant analytical tools. The quantitative data will be analyzed using online software called the SPSS. Qualitative data will be examined as well, and interpretations will be given.

Research Report

A conclusive report, conclusions and recommendations in line with the report will be compiled. The report can aid several departments and sectors make decisions that are likely to register improvements in the construction sector.


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