Criminal Justice and Workforce Diversity

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The criminal justice administrator has a role of carrying out administrative works, preparation of prosecution files in accordance with set policies and ensuring that there is progression of court cases so that they are timely and in an orderly manner. He is also bound to work closely with a range of criminal justice units so that he oversees files management and finalization.

He is also charged with ensuring there is a timely and accurate record of cases upon their completion in accordance with the set standards. He is in charge of securing the preparation of typed statements and records and providing supervision in absence of section heads. The administrator can also assist in the training and mentoring of new staffs so that they may become conversant with the operations pertaining to their career.

Employment and Training

The administrator organizes recruitment and training sessions necessary for the new recruits. He evaluates operations and oversees certification requirements with agencies working under contracts for the same purpose. Graduates should be encouraged to apply for employment with justice agencies. Those already employed ought to be encouraged to continue with education to further their career.


When job positions are advertised, justice administrator tries to put the opportunity to be equal for all. Due consideration is given to persons with disability, though to a smaller percentage. With the increase of affirmative action, the disabled persons with qualification for the same job positions are always given first priority. Integrity and responsibility among other virtues are some of the issues that govern the operations of the criminal justice administrator (Strang, 2002).

Privacy Policy

Justice administrator is mandated to make policies that are in line with their roles in order to uphold justice. For instance, he is in charge of setting drug court programs and other social services that are very important to the populace. These policies observe individual and organizational privacy.

Staff Management

The administrator is in charge of a particular group of staff who reports to him. He is in charge of supervising all staffs through reviewing and approving their reports as he tries to ensure that all information that passes through him is correct and accurate to the latter. He also ensures that those reports and other findings are prepared in accordance to set rules and procedures. He is also entitled to maintain relationship with other agencies so that they can compare the way they handle issues and form a procedure that is most effective for improving justice matters (Tonry, 2004). This helps him in carrying out selective borrowing.


He is entitled to deal with self-destructive conducts that may be engaged in, for instance, drug use and other social causes or in other words persons who are incapacitated due to drug use. The administrator oversees the rehabilitation of drug addicts. The authority to deal with such issues will be dependent on the authorities that are conferred on him or her by law.


Harassment is always not allowed at the work place and administrators are not obliged from not tolerating any of it. All employees have rights to work under secured environments where there is no any form of interference and harassment. To avoid harassments, the administrators are trained to coach their followers to keep records of their roles and to submit them in due time for viewing. This helps to improve good working environment and reduces chances of one being harassed.

Sexual harassment is also not tolerated in any way. Under his roles, affirmative action help determine the right issues on dealing with sex discrimination and other issues surrounding sex. The administrators try to minimize offensive behaviors, work intimidations based on sex and sexual advances that may lower worker’s morale. They create a working environment that is pleasant for every employee in the organization.

Diversity Team Building

The training offered under this category is essential for an organization that is interested in increasing its reputation and the customer base. Diverse team brings with it many different employees who come from various backgrounds. This helps to increase the customer base since they will view the firms as part of them when they see people from their background working for the banks and other institutions offering service. Trainings should also encompass topics on drug and drug abuse.

Hiring and Quality Services

In line with affirmative action, organizations try to employ workers based on their qualifications and merit so that when they are brought together they can conform to the organization’s quality needs. Diverse workforce helps in improving decision making that is geared towards the customers’ demands. Hiring employees who meet these requirements helps the company tap the best ideas for the success of the firm.

This helps in forming its competitive edge. The organization does this through the principle of equal opportunity for all and giving consideration for the disabled persons (Chowdhury, 2005). There is also increasing demand for quality products and services. Many people now tend to buy goods of high quality despite the prizes. This shows that affirmative action gives more weight for health issues and overall benefits the organization can enjoy from service delivery.

Respectful for Language, Culture

Workers have the right to speak the language that they understand best in a manner that upholds their integrity and understanding. The employers should be able to understand this and accept each and everyone’s cultural background because those cultures forms the backbone of the success that organization can benefit from. Any form of discrimination is not tolerated be it directed to race, color or religion. The driving force for many operations is respect and dignity. Laws set by agencies also requires justice administrators to provide work environments that are free from harassments and discriminations and those that uphold ethical behaviors in the society.

Team Building and Honoring Holidays

Good management entails giving training on the procedures and use of new equipments and materials that may not be easily understood by all employees. The management should be able to organize workshops and seminars so that employees are able to interact with their counterparts from other departments and share information concerning how to go about services that the organization offers.

The management should also be able to honor weekends and holidays so that the workers can have time for their families and friends (McLaughlin & Hughes, 2003). They can as well use this time to commit to other issues that may upgrade their education status. Affirmative action adjudicates for personal development and giving employee’s time to realize this is essential in their loyalty to work for the organization and for the success of administering justice.


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