Violent Crime Victimization Rate for Different Ages

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I think that people aged 18-20 are the most victimized age group because of their lack of life experience and weak social and financial standing. By a lack of life experience, I mean that people aged 18-20 do not have enough knowledge to distinguish potentially dangerous individuals or situations. Young people are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as alcohol or drug abuse than older people, and they often do it in groups, which increases their chances of becoming both offenders and victims.

18-2021-2425-3435-4950-6465 +
The total violent victimization rate40.934.425.019.518.96.0
The 2019 NCVS data

By weak financial standing, I mean that most young people are still obtaining an education or working at low-paying jobs. It prevents them from moving to a safer neighborhood or otherwise improving their living conditions to reduce their risk of being victimized. In addition, the college environment, in which many young people continue their education, is marked by a high risk of bullying and sexual assault. Weak social standing implies that people aged 18-20 have not built their own supporting network yet. Many of them start building their first serious relationships and have their first cohabiting experiences at this age. The mistakes made in these matters can lead young people to become victims of offenses in which the offender is their partner. Some people aged 18-20 have unresolved issues and strained relationships with their parents, which contributes to their vulnerability to violent crimes because of a lack of family support.