The Relationship Between Child Support and Visitation

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The rights of non-custodial parent are protected by different states’ laws in the United Kingdom. The thing is that the frequency of divorces in America is very high and this point needs further evaluation between two parents. Thus, non-custodial parent (meaning father) should provide financial support in the form of aliments. In turn a parent gets a right for visitation of a child. Each state recommends peculiar decisions for the cases when a non-custodial parent fails to meet the requirements of supporting a child. Judging about this situation leads toward direct answer that such non-custodial parent cannot fail to follow the alimentary instructions in supporting a child. Caring for the children’s conditions and means for living is paramount in jurisdiction of all states.

However, the court should take into account possible disasters or cases when a non-custodial parent is limited in resources to support a child. Here the case limits a parent in the means for earning money. However, in accordance with America law base the termination of “child support payments can be provided by courts in response to the custodial parent’s denial of visitation rights”. Vice versa, a custodian parent can reject visitation right of non-custodian one when the obligations of supporting a child were not determined. Thereupon, the law insists on paying for alimentary needs of a child and in this case guarantees the right for visitation and support of a child. This norm is constant. To say more, the imperfectness of law base in the USA the cases of physical disability or other troubles with a non-custodial parent are less concerned.