Franklin Roosevelt & Herbert Hoover as American Presidents

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Both Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) faced the necessity of stabilizing the American economy after a crisis. Still, one should note that the approaches followed by these leaders to cope with the Great Depression differed significantly. FDR can be discussed as the more effective president than Hoover because of his leadership, interest in addressing Americans’ needs, and promoting policies appropriate to manage the crisis.

Hoover was interested in developing a dynamic capitalist economy, and he was actively supported by the politicians. Thus, he was a good leader to act in the political arena and make opponents support his side. However, his policies and actions during the crisis demonstrated that he did not refer to citizens’ interests. Developing the idea of American individualism, Hoover was sure that the US was individual and strong, and the government could not dominate the interests of Americans but support the progress of businesses. Thus, businesses were expected to develop individually, without the negative impact of bureaucracy, and his policies were oriented toward supporting that progress. Still, the Great Depression demonstrated that businesses needed governmental aid that could not be provided by Hoover’s administration.

Instead, FDR’s leadership was accepted by Americans, and he shifted the focus to supporting businesses to cope with the economic collapse by governmental means. Americans believed in FDR’s aid, and he accentuated his efforts in making the government serve people’s needs. His policies were oriented toward creating better conditions for people to restore their businesses or find new jobs. Thus, FDR promoted the Wagner Act to protect the rights of employees and address labor concerns.