How Many Research Questions Are Needed for a Particular Study?

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During the implementation stages of the study such as a collection of data, it is important to consider the place in which the study will be conducted. For example, if the research study is to be conducted in a classroom such as the administering of questionnaires, the students may be obliged to participate. On the other hand, research studies conducted within the public domain may require some convincing of the members of the public for them to see the point in participating.

The researcher then may convince them that the research will offer practical solutions that they are currently facing and therefore, win their support. This is important because when the willingness of the participants is not ensured, then the validity of their answers may not be guaranteed since they have literally been forced to participate. As for the case of those who have volunteered to participate since they understand the importance of the study, the authenticity of the results is guaranteed.

The validity of the study research should also be determined for potential harm it may cause to the participants. When it comes to research using questionnaires, this issue may be critical because some questions in the questionnaire may be too personal and become extremely unpleasant and be of potential harm to the participants. However, these effects may differ from person to person since what is harmful to one person may not hurt another at all.

It is also important to know the proper ways of writing a report and this includes a proper procedure and format. There are conventional procedures for writing reports and therefore, it is important to consider writing a proper one. One major mistake that is found in research reports is the problem of plagiarism. This is a great offense that should never be committed. One should paraphrase other people’s works and cite them appropriately. These are some of the ethics in the implementation and reporting stages of a study.