The Infographics: Social Media Advertising

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The information portrayed in the infographics gives a clear picture of how technology is changing the product promotion is done. It emphasizes the importance of social media advertising and the way it has revolutionized marketing. Looking at the infographics, it is clear that even the large companies turn to social media platforms to do their advertisings. Many people in the world access social media platforms, and therefore, it becomes easier to reach the target market. From all the provided graphs, it is clear that even the social media brands are competing for sharing the consumers. According to the infographics, it is seen that the United States is a leader in the social media advertising market, hitting 21 billion dollars annually (Loesche, 2018). China and Europe’s comparison in the social media market shows continuity in the growth of advertisement wages. Each year, they all record the steady growth of social media advertising, thereby, underlining its importance in increasing sales.

What I graphically liked about the infographics is its simplicity to read and learn. It gives a clear visual impression of the competing numbers, and one does not require an in-depth analysis. In addition, the use of dissimilar bright colors to portray various products makes it easier to differentiate multiple variables of products, such as prices and number of sales. Besides, from the graphs, one can easily follow the trends and patterns regarding a specific product in an individual market or industry. They also enable consumers of certain content or products to a particular issue or topic related to them. It is much easier when I compare the different goods presented in the same graph. I can easily compare two or more elements of the same product from how they are presented in the graph. Therefore, the use of infographics in social media advertising is a breakthrough in marketing due to its many advantages.


Loesche, D. (2018). Infographic: The potential of social media advertising. Statista. Web.