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Critique of Good to Great by Jim Collin

Jim Collin’s Good to Great is a well-composed masterpiece that strategically reveals the reasons why some companies leap from ordinary level to greatness. Any reader with no idea of what a leading company is will get a clear picture of it based on Collin’s strategic way of describing it. The author says that a good company is the one whose stock outnumbers the average by 125% for the last 15 years prior to its breakthrough. ‘Good to Great’ companies show various characteristics. The author raises various points on this.

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The author gives a vivid direction of the path that a company is supposed to take to be on track. Metaphorically, he says that it should begin by getting the right people in its bus followed by deciding where the bus is going. These people should then be tried on how they can handle different tasks in the organization. Contrary to what the author says, organizations today begin by deciding the direction to go and then getting people to go. The subject of courage stands out in this book. He says that moving organizations do not shy away from the negative facts that face them. Leaders of such organizations tackle the problems as they appear. This is strength of the book.

However, there is an evident weakness of this book in the sense that the information written therein is outdated. In fact, some of the organizations that the author listed as thrilling are no longer revered today. Circuit city, which is almost forgotten today, is a working example of this claim. This proves that not all the recommendations of this book are true for readers of today. Great organizations also embrace the hedgehog concept that is successfully described in details since extraordinary innovations and quality work result when employees are passionate about their work. The next characteristic is discipline culture. This is what he calls the rinsing of cottage cheese. The organization is guided by various principles and rules.

No one is above the rules of the company. This may be a weakness since leadership requires a centralized source because there ought to be leaders and followers for a pragmatic organization. They also embrace technology accelerators. Companies that move from good to excellent use the most recent technology to speed up growth at all levels. This ensures that they compete favorably with the world business markets. These companies embrace the flywheel accelerators. They embrace little initiatives that become a landmark when put together. The author encourages employees to be innovative at their least levels.

In conclusion, creativity and innovation are crucial factors needed in any ministry. The author’s detailed and or vivid explanation of the two qualifies the book as worthwhile material for all organizations and or ministries including families since they too need these two aspects to cope with life’s daily challenges. The family ministry lies within the category of independent prominent organizations. Therefore, families will be better off upon reading the content given by Collins especially on the subject of creativity and innovation, which has been the talk of every day. Those who plight in leading should read it as it contains many tips for commercial success and organizational development.

Critique of God, Marriage, and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation by Kostenberger and Jones

Kostenberger and Jones’ God, Marriage, and Family: Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation is a composition that has the family ministry taking the center stage. The author explores the institution of marriage, God, and family from a biblical perspective. It gives examples on how a family can restore good relationship in times of conflicts. The authors point out how both men and women have a role to play in ensuring that they can get the happiness they looked forward to before marriage. Both the man and the woman in marriage can submit to each other for the sake of the family’s happiness. The author gives the mind of God as the author of marriage and family. Marriage is a holy union that was originally initiated by God himself. This qualifies as a great strength of the book since it vividly expounds on it giving biblical references of creation and other marriage accounts.

The book convincingly explains how to deal with various obstacles that parents come across in the process of child rearing. It expounds on how to maintain a good Christian life in marriage showing how to solve marital conflicts in a Godly way. The book strongly convinces the reader on matters of sex particularly how to maintain sexual purity. This is strength of this book since the author writes from both the perspective of a woman and that of a man. The author also talks about the importance of proper communication in matters of sex to any couple that in a relationship. This is also a plus to the book since most marriages break away due to communication breakdown. When proper communication in the family conflicts is minimized, happiness is revealed. The way the book discusses the importance of child rearing in Gods way gives it some credit.

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However, the explanation about gender roles in marriage is not well explored. There is a need for men to submit to Christ who is the head of the church. On the other hand, husbands should have authority over their wives and that the wives should submit to their husbands. The husband is the greatest authority in the family. The book gives examples of this through biblical reference of the proverbs 31 wife. Such a woman ought to be a real helper: she should take care of the children and provide companionship to the husband. This can be perceived as a weakness of the book since most of the readers may differ on this matter since the woman described here can only be imaginary and not real. With the coming of women’s rights movements and the fight for gender equality, this may be seen as being outdated. Many women will refute this idea.

Conclusively, I would recommend this book to all levels of readers. The book has something for everybody who reads it. I would also recommend it due to its inspiring and practical advises on matters of marriage and child rearing. The book puts across marriage as a covenant just a God entered covenants with his people. Marriage is sacred as the author explains. From this revelation, readers of the book can form a firm foundation on their marriages. The book can also equip couples for marriage since it advises them to put God first in all matters of the family.

Critique of Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership by Malphurs

Malphurs’ Being Leaders: The Nature of Authentic Christian Leadership is a good manual for Christian leadership. It explores the subject of a servant leader as a leader who leads from the heart. A Christian leader is therefore one whose interest to lead is driven by his vision for the people. Leaders of this caliber lead by examples. They lead by service to people. A Christian leader labors for purposes of serving the people rather than controlling them. Credible leadership is another trait of a Christian leader raised in the book. Such a leader is one who is trustworthy. A Christian leader is supposed to be trustworthy. This is strength of this book since it vividly explains how a leader can learn to be credible by practicing leadership. Credibility instills confidence into the followership. A Christian leader is a capable manager.

The book is convincing in that it is able to explain in details the relationship between a Christian leader and God. A Christian leader is God led. Christian leaders are guided by biblical teachings on leadership. The author gives various accounts of leadership in the bible. Such a leader is appointed by God and not by men. According to the book, God appoints and anoints his own leaders for the people. The book takes a strong and convincing perspective in the use of biblical accounts and examples. The book also gives examples of leaders who were rejected by God. A God-given leader is at peace with both people and God. On the other hand, a God-appointed leader is less expected to be by the people. God does not look for the physical bodies when anointing a leader. Christian leaders are also obedient to God. They follow his instructions. Such leaders are also persevering in times of difficulties.

The author explores the subject of an influential leader. The book depicts such a leader as one who leads through impact. The Christian leader ought to lead through results. A leader should be able to reflect rally people behind him. Such leaders appeal to the needs of the people and work towards delivering them. The way the book discusses about directional leader qualifies as a strong point. The book succeeds in the way it depicts such a leader as one who is driven by instructions. The book gives examples on what leaders can do to become directional in an accurate manner. They have to keep the group working and developing at all times.

However, the author does not convince the reader in the way he explores the subject of situational leader. This leader leads according to the context. A Christian leader should be able to act in every situation. The book says that a situational leader is able to observe a situation and construct a quick solution for it. The book is not convincing on how Christians can benefit from such a leader. This is a weakness to the book since most of people believe that leadership should be continuous and not situational.

In conclusion, my recommendation about this book is that the book is worthwhile for leaders and the family since leadership starts at the family level. It discusses the direction leaders should take in developing leadership skills. The book is an indispensable source of information for leaders of today and of the future.

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Critique of The Exemplary Husband By Scott

Scott’s The Exemplary Husband is a family-focused package that explores the subject of an exemplary husband. The attribute is that a man should be like Christ in his family. Man should not just work to please himself or his wife, but to be just like Christ in the family. It forms the foundation of what couples should have in mind when approaching marriage. A man should deny himself self-pleasure for the sake of the church just as Christ did for the church. The book reveals how men should understand the mind of God concerning marriages. The author says that a husband should endeavor to understand the mind of God.

He convincingly explains through biblical references how a man can be after the heart of God. This evidence-based information is a plus to the book. Without dwelling on statistics and theories, the author uses the bible as a perfect source of conviction to the readers. A husband ought to be resolute. He is supposed to be a solution to the problems that his family faces. A Christian approach on how husbands should solve family problems is also noteworthy in bringing up a Christian family. For example, he writes that God’s will for every Christian husband is to watch over and love his wife the way Christ did to the church. Husbands should be communicative. They should love their families just as God loves the people that call him ‘Father’.

This is a Christian counseling book. There are various perspectives that a godly husband should take in playing his rightful role in the family. The author says that many marriages are failing because of lack of knowledge by the parties involved. The book convincingly takes examples that are easier to relate. The book also becomes more persuasive following the way the author uses biblical references. Many people find it easier to understand faith-related matters. Scott strongly discusses the responsibilities of a husband in the family. The author therefore admonishes husbands to be the source of security in the family. He says that a husband should provide financial, physical, and moral security to the family. This is a strong point of the book. Husbands should protect their families.

The book is not convincing in the way it discusses the regrets that a man should never make in the family. A man should be proud and confident of his family the way it is. The author says this gives him the power and zeal to work hard to provide for the family. Husbands should not work to compare their families with others. This qualifies as a weakness of the book since the author is not quite convincing on how husbands can avoid regrets. In many instances, husbands regret having brought up deviant children. The book is unrealistic in its approach on weaknesses. For example, it defines love as an altruistic and bearing allegiance of the will to care about and benefit another person by truth, compassionate views, discussions, and actions. The reality of love as an affection is carefully avoided.

In conclusion, all men should read it because Scott discusses every topic in it with a biblical perspective. The author convincingly directs the readers to God’s will about husbands and their families. The book is useful for women who want to offer wise counsel to their husbands in prayer.

Critique of Instruments in the Redeemers Hands by Tripp

Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemers Hands is a first-rate manual on God’s plans to redeem humankind. The subject of sin is explored in details. Tripp reveals that man cannot overcome sin by his own might. Sin requires the redeemer’s intervention. The author presents it as an ultimate disease, a grand psychosis. One cannot escape sins or defeat them on their own. Human beings have to renounce sins to seek God’s intervention in order to evade them. This is strength of the book since the author successfully convinces people since only God who can forgive their sins. Christians should not be rebellious. Rebellion is a tremendous obstacle to human relationship with God. For example, more than breaking a few rules, it is a fundamental flaw in ones character.

Human beings have an in-born tendency to accept lies of self-concern, autonomy, and self-sufficiency. This is strength of the book since the author convincingly gives a well-argued approach on how human beings can avoid rebellion. A Christian perspective prevails in discussing various issues concerning God’s intention about human beings. The author takes a deep biblical viewpoint on matters affecting human relationship with God. Man can work towards redemption as the sole intention of God about him. The author believably uses biblical points in explaining concepts. He clearly points out the plan and intention of God for man. The book convinces human beings to rely on God who is the only one that can redeem them from sins.

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The book strongly expounds on autonomy and self-sufficiency. Tripp says that human beings have the autonomy and freedom to do what they wish. However, he strategically reminds them that they are accountable to both God and fellow human beings. Another plus for the book is also on the way it explores the idea of foolishness. Tripp says that foolishness is natural in human beings. Foolishness bars human beings from having a good relationship with their God. Foolish people think that they know better than others do. He says that men should work to deriver themselves from foolishness. People were designed to be relevant receivers depending on the truths God would teach them to be applied in their lives.

The book strongly exemplifies the subjects of heart, desire, and idols. He says that the human heart reveals what a person believes. He says that the inner person is the spirit that represents the soul, emotions, and wills. People can be known by the action just as a tree is known by its fruits. It also illustrates and compellingly explains how human beings should be redeemed from this sin. The writer realistically talks about human desires that separate him from his God. Desires are likely to be determinants of what people do. They should endeavor to love, to know, to speak, and to do what is right. This is strength of this book since the author credibly explains how one can avoid awful desires from ruining their relationship with God.

However, in conclusion, the author does not clearly give the difference that exists between the soul and human action. This qualifies as a weakness of the book since the author does not influentially discuss the relationship between the soul and body. This can be criticized from a scientific perspective. The book discusses about idols. On idols, the author writes that human beings need to deliver themselves from idol worship. However, the book does not convince on what an idol is and what it is not. I would recommend this book to readers of various levels because the author is able to balance his approach from the biblical perspective to the theoretical perspective. He also approaches human life with consummate facts that it becomes difficult to escape from this reality. He says that self-perception is the most accurate parameter of oneself.