Dating Down Book by Stephanie Lyons

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Numerous books are dedicated to the topic of love – the sublime feeling which is portrayed differently throughout the literature. However, sometimes love has negative underpinnings, which cause this sense to fail. Dating Down by Stephanie Lyons is a perfect reflection of how risking everything for someone can turn into a nightmare. Even though feelings can be strong, one should not ignore the inconsistencies in characters and values because it may eventually hurt.

The main character Samantha lives in a small town near Chicago, Il. The story revolves around her relationship with the guy she calls “X,” who is mean and selfish (Lyons, 2015). His seductive, but at the same time manipulative nature attracts many girls on campus. At first sight, they fall in love with each other at the coffee shop where he works and, right away, start spending all the time with each other, which is not approved by Samantha’s girlfriends.

Later, they find out X does drugs and hangs out with other ladies and try to warn Samantha that he might be dangerous for her. It is incredible how friends can help one look at a person from a different standpoint because love makes people blind. Meanwhile, Sam recklessly risks anything for X, although he is ignorant of her needs and does not consider her long-term relationship.

What is more, Sam tries to run away from her home because her father married another woman right after her moth passed away from sickness. Her father is hiding from the past all the time, making her feel insecure (Lyons, 2015). This is the reason Sam wants to escape and find someone who could love her like a father. Being lost in her thoughts, she decides to dive deep into her relationship to fill the inner void. However, their bond does not last long, because Samantha’s confusion and concern about her boyfriend’s actions dissipate as soon as she realizes how desructive it is for her to date the guy of her dreams.

In conclusion, love can hurt if one risks everything and another is just being ignorant. Samantha and X’s relationship prove that one’s contribution is not enough to sustain genuine feeling for each other. In addition, when running away from family-related trauma, there is a chance of encountering toxic relationships. Ultimately, friends can help one push through hard times and open up a new perspective on a person.


Lyons, S. (2015). Dating Down. Flux.