Effective Project Management: Sharp Printing

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Effective project management is an important aspect of an organization since it helps prevent the emergence of negative results from various activities performed by the firm. Organizations also ensure the adoption of an effective project management structure to ensure that the resources allocated towards various projects are utilized appropriately through leadership and direction. Some of the major roles of a project manager within an organization are planning and organizing teams to work in the project, effectively managing the deliverables, and ensuring proper time management (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). As the project manager at Sharp Printing, I would ensure effectively researching the deliverables of the project before communicating the vision to the project team and general manager of the organization.

Developing estimates is one of the most critical aspects of a project since it enables the project managers to determine the scope of work required. Poor estimations on a project may lead to negative outputs such as a longer time than the estimated period. Some of the appropriate measures to undertake for effective evaluation during a project are breaking down the project into different tasks and finding the value of each task (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). Compare with previous projects of the same nature to determine the estimated time frame for the project. The top management of Sharp Printing did not act effectively in conducting the estimates of the project since they did not follow the critical steps required for project value estimation.

A mission-critical project such as introducing laser printers into the market requires significant estimation techniques such as launching a break-even study of the performance of laser printers in the market. A Break-even study enables the project managers to determine the period required for the project to begin bringing back profits to the organization (Radujković & Sjekavica, 2017). It also enables the top management to determine whether the investment is a worthy venture or terminate the project.


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