Does Money Determine Success?

I do not agree with the notion peddled around that only individuals who get more money are successful. More money does not determine success in life. It is obvious that money accords comfort since one can get anything needed at any time. Nevertheless, I disagree that it implies one is successful. The ways such money is utilized is also a pertinent issue. There are poor people who are successful with every sense of the word.

Success in life is measured by what we have achieved. Even in a small way, accomplishing one’s goals determines success. Money does not control this in any way. We can succeed in academics, in marrying, in building a dream house, in educating children, and even in becoming a clergy man. However modest, all these do not need huge sums of money but a great deal of determination.

I believe that the individuals who use a lot of money in gambling cannot be termed as successful. One cannot gain important knowledge through gambles as can be compared to learning the English language. One stands to only lose a lot of cash as well as worthy time gambling. Where an individual makes a mistake in the manner he uses his cash, he will have committed the worst thing in his entire life.

In addition, one can develop a worthy life whether he has a lot of money or not. Wise use of money can assist one achievto e what he really desires in life. For instance, reducing one’s daily expenditure on nonsensical things could save money for more important things.

Furthermore, attaining all the good things of life is easy if individuals learn how to save well the little that they have with them. In as much as a person may not be earning too much money, clever use of the little money available can make him succeed in all activities of life.

I also think that success in a person’s life also implies other elements in life such as joy and well-being and not just cash. It is possible for any family to live happily and be successful without having too much money. There are so many dimensions of success in life. Having a close knit family that enjoys being together is just one measure of success. Money does not give any person a happy family. Therefore, money too cannot give one success.

It is true that money is an essential component of life. We cannot survive without money. However, money is not everything. Many other factors play a part in determining what success is. It is, therefore, a lie that individuals with too much money are the most successful. There are many rich people today in the world who live a sad life. They are sad because there are things that they lack which denies them the idea of success.

Success occurs at so many different levels. The ultimate level that determines one’s success in life is the accomplishment of all the major things that he ever desired in life.

Where this element lacks and he is not happy for a certain reason, then he cannot be said to have wholly succeeded regardless of how much money he has. True success is measured by the contentment in the accomplishment of all the important things that one sets to do in life. Where there is no contentment, then failure sets in.