The Environment Pollution in US

The environment is becoming extremely polluted through the burning of naturally occurring problem. The air pollution is already a problem in many countries, and the US is not an exception. A nation has developed many strategies to help reduce toxic air emissions, and one of them is to promote and establish clean coal-burning technologies and implement them.

The coal contains sulfur and ash, and these must be removed to decrease the ecological footprint. Indiana heavily relies on coal in almost every aspect of life, from residential, to public and industrial. The use of coal is increasing, and the rise is considered shortly.

The Earth’s environment and naturally occurring cycles enable the climate to be of a certain temperature; sulfur dioxide is one of the agents that are involved in the reflection of the solar radiation from the incoming sun rays back into space. Volcanoes that are active, along with snow and ice, also help reflect the harmful rays.

The human activity of industrial plants and vehicle and other machinery emissions have been linked with the changes in temperatures. The warming of the atmospheric air causes changes in the animal migrations and living conditions. The life of plants and humans is affected as well (Jacobson 2002).

Personal use is just as important as the public. The personal spending for two vehicles is as follows: vehicle 1-12500 pounds per year, number 2-2466 pounds per year. By recycling aluminum, the CO2 level will be reduced by 395 pounds per year, and by recycling newspaper 154.

With the increase in the CO2 emissions, it is possible to predict that the temperature will be increasing, thus causing the melting of ice and the change of global temperatures.

Perspectives are because there are other particles and materials that are being burnt with coal, focusing on “highly polluting equipment from heavy industry, emissions of particulates, CO2, and others. The world is not set to becoming much cleaner, and the technology will be the long, expected form of control (Ghosh 2011).

It is mentioned that Indiana uses a large number of coal reserves in the world. There is a specific explanation that the burning of polluting coal brings about acid deposition.

This happens not only in Indiana but in countries that are close by. When comparing the two outcomes, it is evident that recycling and prediction are more specific and in-depth figures. There is a direct example of where the coal is used—in particular, by industrial areas, boilers, and furnaces.

The greenhouse gases which are CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone all contribute to the warming effect and are a major concern. Comparing to other people, their CO2 emissions are lower because personally there is a possibility to be more efficient. The taking of public transport and control in the usage of electricity makes our particular way of life much more economical.

A minor change to reduce emissions could relate to recycling and routine habits which would allow tracking the amounts of waste. Long term changes could be made in a lifestyle, where the routine is interspaced by originality and renovation.

This would make it possible to predict the patterns of use and save fuel or electricity. It is extremely important to conserve the planet as it is a part of the system that gives people life. The planet also has limits, so it would be unwise to test its survival.

The results have shown that there has been a steady increase in CO2 in all locations. This means that the gases trapped on the Earth’s surface have had a warming effect on the environment, and thus, it is becoming a concern all over the world.

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