Drug and Alcohol Abuse Issue Review

A drug is any substance which when taken transforms the functioning of the body of the human being either positively or negatively. Drug abuse is the excessive use of drugs, whether for medicinal or for non medicinal purposes. Many youths currently take drugs to stimulate the functioning of their bodies, thus causing various harms to themselves (Siegel and Welsh 375). Alcohol lies in the same category as the drugs which when abused cause a serious harm to the young people. It is very advisable for all parents to teach their children about the negative effects of alcohol. From my own experience, I have come to know that the youth indulge in drug taking at early ages when they are in school due to peer pressure. All in all, drug abuse is detrimental to young people’s intellectual, emotional, social, and personal development because it leads to dependency.

Afterwards, they continue taking the drugs, a habit which leads to addiction. This situation makes them to be dependent to the drugs to a point that they cannot do anything without the use of the drugs (Golan 283). At this point, it becomes too hard for them to leave the habit and many become rude to everybody against their wish. They get to a point whereby they can do anything so as to secure the drug even if it brings physical harm to them. This compulsion comes because they do not understand the harm drugs causes to them. From my own understanding, drugs cause physical risks to the users whereby they negatively affect the functioning almost every body system. Continuous use of the drugs causes psychological problems which make many young users to face a high risk of contracting mental problems.

This is because drugs cause the body nerves to be excited, thus making users to always seek such pleasure due to the addictive capability of drugs. When young people lack the mechanism to get the drugs, they are forced to seek ways to satisfy their craving to satisfy this urge (Doweiko 14). After it becomes clear that it might be difficult to get money to purchase drug likes alcohol, addicts acquire mental disorders. Many youths are thus affected by depression and anxiety due to lack of the drugs. In addition, most of the school-going young people who indulge in drugs tend to lower their grades due to the dependency on drugs. This situation leads to many young people being socially affected when in class whereby they withdraw from most of the school activities.

In summary, it is a serious thing for the youth to indulge in drug abuse since the drugs are usually accessible to the young people. These circumstances make them susceptible to drugs because it has been deduced that drug tycoons tend to recruit the young people most of whom are not skilled or schooled. The youths lack money to purchase the drug thus influencing them to indulge to drug abuse. Youths should also vet the kind of people they associate with. In addition, young people can be drawn into drug abuse by their friends due to peer pressure as well as owing to weak parental guidance. This is because of the phenomenon of cheap available drugs in the market due to weak and unsuccessful laws. These laws fail to effectively track down drugs. This situation, coupled with corrupt police officials, escalates the drug problem.

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