Dystopia in “Watchmen” by Moore and Gibbons

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Dystopia is an imaginary society normally in the form of fiction works. It is a place full of fearful and dehumanized life; the condition of living is not favorable. Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ comic book titled “Watchmen’ is mostly concerned with dystopic concepts and imagery as compared to utopic concepts. The book represents alternate history with the emergence of superheroes in the years the 1940s and 1960s. These superheroes took part in the Vietnam War, where they helped the United States soldiers win the war.

Moore mainly focused on the protagonist’s struggles and individual development in the murder investigation of an official member of the government. The superhero took the job and led the United States army to confront a particular plot that triggered the nuclear war, causing the deaths of millions of people. Moore gave the superhero real-life grounding. Though the hero was robust, he was given the role that most hero commandants perform in the literary world. Moore also gave Doctor Manhattan, who is also a robust superhuman power.

The concept of imagery also exists in the book “Watchmen”. Throughout the book, there is a recurring image of a smiley face stained with blood. Though it sounds and looks scary, Gibbons presented it in a comic way. He crafted the smiley face as a component of comedy gears so as to lighten the blueprint, and later on, he added blood on the costume to depict murder. The smiley face that was stained with blood also acted as a symbol of the war. Nevertheless, the smiley face depicted complete innocence. The blood-stained on the face, however, altered the innocence to depict danger. Moore created the majority of images on purpose, while there were others that were coincident.