The First Page of “Watchmen” by Moore and Gibbons

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“Watchmen” is a book written by Alan Moore and produced by artist Dave Gibbons. The book represents an alternate reality and closely depicts the contemporary world that people lived in during the 1980s. This was the period when the Vietnam War occurred. In the book, Moore presents the reality of what happened during this period except that he used superheroes to act as the savior of the nation. Moore also changed the occurrence in the book by transforming the events that took place in 1938. Nevertheless, Moore and Gibbons applied several principles of comedy in the book, making the book more interesting to read and easy to understand.

In the first page of “Watchmen”, Moore and Gibbons examine and present to the audience what superheroes look like in a real-world scenario. They give people the idea of superman or a hero as manifested by society today though they do it in a comic way. Moore and Gibbons were able to purge nostalgia for superheroes at the beginning of the book through the use of robust as the heroes who saved the U.S. Army from the Vietnam War. The characterization depicted by Moore and Gibbons allows them to portray the issues of control and power within the society.

This enabled them to make the book which is comic in nature, a reality. On the first page, they also present the mood of the story, which is mainly comic, through the ways in which they present and depict the main characters, for example, the smiley face stained with blood. Moore and Gibbons used the comic to present an issue or an event that took place in the past. This has made the event more interesting through the ways in which they presented the characters in the book and the role each plays. This actually gives the readers the morale to read the book since it is more of a drama and comedy.