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Unsure whether an essay was written by a person or a machine? Our AI-generated text finder can help! With it, you’ll quickly test any paper.

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Interpreting the Results of the AI Checker

So, you have followed our instructions, and now you need to decipher the results of the AI writing detector.

Let's explore the resulting diagram.

Our tool breaks down the statistical probability of the occurring words into four categories. Each category will have a specific color.

What do these colors mean?

  1. The more blue and green words, the more likely it is that the text was created by a human.
  2. The more red words, the more probable it is an AI-generated text.

Since the English language follows the rules of grammar, it is perfectly normal to see plenty of red and orange colors in your analyzed text. However, if a person is responsible for a piece of writing, these should be broken up by blues and greens.

Underneath the diagrams is your analyzed text. Here, you can click on any highlighted word and see the top-5 of the most AI-like words and where your word is in this list.

Are you looking for a tool to validate whether an essay or research article was written by a human or generated by artificial intelligence? Look no further! We've created a clever instrument for that purpose! Our checker can detect AI-generated fragments in academic writing, making it easy to determine the authenticity of your text. Read on to learn all about our product description and purpose.

πŸ’» Why You Should Check Papers for AI

An AI writer is a software that generates text based on your provided data and instructions. The software uses artificial intelligence to create fast and simple content. This technology has changed the processes of writing academic works for students. Using it, a person can get a machine to create their assignments. After all, such programs can handle practically any essay topic and provide a paper that won't require a lot of edits.

Even experienced article writers, teachers, or academic researchers often need help finding the difference between human-written text and AI creation. It leads to cheating on the part of students, which calls into question the effectiveness of most assignments. So, people in search of truth can use an instrument like ours. It detects predictable places in the text that may have appeared due to the use of AI and require special attention.

How Does the AI-Generated Text Finder Work?

Paradoxically, the detection of AI-generated content is possible thanks to artificial intelligence, developed using the same principle as an AI writer. It analyzes every word, combination, and sequence to determine whether something was created by a person or a machine. The more predictable the words and combinations of words in sentences, the more likely an AI was involved in creating your given text. This system works because people, unlike machines, can create unique combinations and be incredibly unpredictable, which is an impossible task for the AI.

Using our AI-generated text finder could not be simpler. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Paste your text (max 4500 characters).
  2. Click the button to start the analysis.
  3. Get your detailed analysis in seconds.
  4. Enjoy the results of the AI checker for free!

βš–οΈ Artificial Intelligence Text: Pros and Cons

The rise of new advanced technologies always dictates a specific shift in our world. AI writing is no exception. ChatGPT and similar tools have revolutionized the way we think, work, and learn.

While some people are adamant that this is a turning point for humanity, others are not so optimistic. So, is AI writing good or bad? Well, the truth is that it has many positives as well as plenty of downsides. Here, we’ll discuss them in detail.

Benefits of AI Writing

AI content generators have garnered incredible attention for their ability to produce content quickly.

In this section, we'll look at all the benefits of AI for any writer in various situations.

πŸš€ Speed and quality An AI tool will allow you to create content faster, without much effort or creativity, helping you overcome writer's block. It is a great assistant, as you could generate an outline for a future essay, which you can then improve upon. You can also draw ideas and inspiration from AI-written work.
πŸ”Ž Help with finding data Indeed, AI has limitless data resources and the entire Internet. In an instant, it can gather the most meaningful information from numerous scientific articles. The writer can ask a specific question on a topic of interest and get these answers without unnecessary research. It’ll save you a lot of time, and you will not need to get lost in a Google search for helpful information.
πŸ“ Help with generating titles The title of you work is an important element since it's the first thing the intended reader of your essay will see. An AI writer can create a unique title for your essay based on your topic. You can ask for several options to choose the best one. This is somewhat similar to using a thesis title generator. It’ll speed up the creation of your paper considerably, so you will already know what to write about.

Drawbacks of AI Writing

Every new piece of tech has its flaws, and artificial intelligence is no exception to the rule. That’s why we have listed the challenges you may encounter when using an AI content generator to write academic papers.

  • Inclusion of stereotypes and prejudices.

The AI writer is not able to recognize bias, prejudice, or stereotyping in the flow of various scientific and publicist data. For a computer, the Internet is an endless stream of information and a resource for content creation. It has no critical thinking or fact-checking skills. So, it incorporates all the available data at its disposal online. Therefore, your work runs the risk of becoming harshly criticized, being non-scientific, and not passing plagiarism checks.

  • Absence of creativity.

If you do use AI in the process of writing an academic work, we recommend using the material you get as drafts or outlines. These programs lack originality, since they use the same tone, style, literary techniques, and wording. Thus, only you can breathe novelty into your creative work.

  • Difficulties with complex writing tasks.

To date, AI has done very well with basic phrasing and documents that don’t require in-depth analysis and reflection. That is, it will likely not be able to cope with complex legal or technical texts and the interpretation of their context. Hence, it cannot fully replace your reasoning and judgment based on your own experience.

  • Errors and misrepresentation of data.

At this stage of AI development, content generators do not see the difference between a serious statement and an ironic one. Therefore, a sarcastic statement on a given topic can be interpreted by AI as being true. Since you don’t want to have contradictory messages in your essay, we advise you to check your content carefully.

We hope that the discovery of our AI content finder will help you open up new horizons, discover flaws, and create truly unique work. Please note that we have also prepared an FAQ section below to provide in-depth answers to questions related to this topic.

❓ AI Generator Checker – Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How to check if an essay was written by ChatGPT?

You can use our reliable AI-generated text finder to check your essay. However, you can also recognize AI written text through some evident signs. These involve emotionless text, a lack of individual thoughts, repetitive phrases, and unnatural grammatical constructions.

❓ What tools can detect AI-generated text?

Thanks to the hype surrounding ChatGPT, countless tools are now available to detect traces of AI interference in your text creation. However, you are lucky because you have found us! After all, our AI checker features fast analysis, attention to detail, and a comprehensive report.

❓ Can an AI detector be wrong?

Any AI detector is susceptible to errors. After adjustments and the replacement of predictable words, the involvement of the AI in generating papers can be hard to pin. Also, the tool will not recognize the AI writer if you insert text in a language other than English. Such checkers are trained in English-language content.

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