Fashion Trends During 2014-2015 Years

The abundance of products makes producers add you create products with added value (it is often associated with the concept of fashion). It is clear that customers are not ready to spend their money on some goods, but they are now looking for fashionable things. It is possible to identify several trends that were topical in 2014 (see table 1).

Table 1. Fashion Trends in 2014

Sphere Trends
Apparel Pastel colors, looks of the 1990s (open waistline), snake leather patterns, geometrical forms
Accessories Flowery shapes, massive accessories, fur and leather (when it comes to bags and purses)
Home Furnishing The wide color palette, brass, and metal, eastern (especially Japanese) prints (Rufca n.p.)
Car Tuning and personalizing, rims, hybrid cars and

It is necessary to note that the trends were quite successful during the year. More so, most of them have entered the new fashion year. As for apparel, light-hearted 90s forms have been topical this year. It can be explained by people’s desire to look young and active as well as trendy. Geometric forms (square cardigans and coats) have also been trendy.

It is unusual and quite comfortable. Celebrities wear such things and promulgate these trends. It is possible to assume that people are seeking for comfort and some unusual details. This trend is likely to remain the same as fashion shows of the next year have similar trends with only a few deviations.

As for accessories, massive jewelry and leather and fur bags /purses/shoes have been in fashion this year. Huge stones and metal necklaces were a good and bright detail for geometrical forms. These details help people reveal their personalities, which is very important for contemporary people.

The trend is likely to remain in fashion as people are still eager and will be eager to reveal their personalities and identities through meaningful details and bright accessories. It is also important to add that technology has penetrated this sphere as well. Accessories for cell phones and other devices have become very popular and are likely to remain in fashion next year.

As far as home furnishing is concerned, brass and metal (or polished) surfaces have been popular this year. It is possible to assume that this trend has been in fashion due to its practical value. Such surfaces are very practical and very stylish. Colorful accessories and patterns have become the necessary frame for the brass and metal trend. Eastern patterns are also becoming more popular due to interactions with such cultures as Japanese and Chinese. People are opening these cultures to themselves and trying to add some patterns to their homes.

Finally, trends in cars also reflect the trends found in society. People try to personalize their cars through tuning, rimming, and adding details to their wheels. Cars have become an important part of people’s lives, and they also are seen as objects that may reflect people’s features of character.

The new trends that are coming next year in the world of apparel fashion are 90s forms and flowery patterns (“Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear”). It is possible to note that the trends will be successful in 2015 (especially flowery patterns). It is possible to develop certain criteria to evaluate the successfulness of the trend (see table 2).

It is clear that trends are cohesive. In other words, trends replicate or become a contrast to previous fashion canons. Coverage is also very important, as the more people will be able to follow the trend, the more successful it will remain. Finally, the concepts of timeliness are also important, as some trends can possess an aspect, which will always be in fashion.

Table 2. Criteria for Trends’ Evaluation

Criteria 90s Forms Flowery Patterns
Cohesiveness Can be successful as people are still intoxicated by light shapes of the 90s People need a change from the pastel colors and need to add color to their lives. This also enables people to reveal their identity and personality.
Coverage Young people prefer bold forms and like experimenting, but for older people, this trend may be less acceptable. Flowery patterns have a larger coverage as the pattern can be appropriate for many occasions and various age groups (maybe, excluding elderly)
Timeliness This trend cannot be seen as timeless. Classic is always timely, and the 90s forms are far from being classic and, hence, the trend may be prone to the rapid failure (at the end of the next year) as people may seek for something new or contrasting. Flowery patterns are more likely to be timeless even though they often come in and out of fashion. However, 2015 will be the year after the reign of pastel colors so that people will prefer flowery patterns as a contrast to 2014 colorlessness.

It is possible to conclude that the two trends are likely to remain quite strong in 2015, but flowery patterns will be more successful than the 90s forms. The criteria of successfulness helped identify some aspects of the flowery patterns that make them more resistant to the change of trends.

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