Fire Protection Engineering

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I chose my major which is fire protection engineering because it is one of the most dynamic engineering fields and has become an increasingly important engineering field in the contemporary world. The construction industry has boomed over the last few decades and this boom necessitates more fire engineers because fire protection is a prerequisite in the construction and housing industry. The culture of having fire engineers in the teams that design houses and buildings has grown in this country and the number of buildings being designed and erected far outweighs the number of fire engineers available in the market. Some planners and designers even go ahead to design buildings without involving fire engineers because of the acute shortage of such professionals in the industry meaning that the available fire engineering professionals cannot meet the market demands. Some of the fire engineering professionals in the country are expatriates and they cost the country a fortune. The country needs more fire engineers to handle the booming construction industry which means that universities need to encourage more students to take up this course.

I chose this major because I have the desire to provide fire protection services to the local construction industry. Most people do not understand the role of a fire engineer. Fire engineering is a deep discipline that goes beyond designing sprinklers and fire extinguishers to be used in the fire protection systems in a building. The discipline covers a vast field of expertise that ranges from structural fire engineering, fire investigation to risk assessment and compliance regulation and fire engineers not provide their services to commercial and residential buildings; they also provide services to industrial set ups like refineries and ports.

As I undertake this major, I would like to specialize in structural fire engineering later in the course. My desire is to apply science and engineering principles to protect the society and the entire environment from the hazardous effects of fire and the competencies will gain from this course will help me to analyze fire hazards so as to ensure that the destructive effects of fire are mitigated. The major will also equip me with skills that will help me to devise new strategies that are in tandem with the changing face of the construction and architectural scene in the country. Fire engineers are very important in construction project because they are the most important contacts for fire protection and life safety issues and they also minimize conflicts that the owner of a project may have with the enforcing authorities. They provide risk and cost sensitive solutions to construction managers and they also give prescriptive solutions that are necessary in any building construction process, ensuring that fire safety standards are upheld in the construction industry. Fire engineers are life savers and this major will help me to gain skills and competencies that will enhance my contributions in safeguarding the lives of the people who use commercial, residential and industrial buildings. There are many majors in the engineering field but I have specifically chosen fire protection engineering because I have a passion for fire protection and I would also like to serve the construction industry which is having an acute shortage of fire protection engineers. This major will definitely equip me with skills and competencies that will help me to serve in this field efficiently.