Game Theory in The Walking Dead Game

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Game theory may not be a useful tool for predicting behavior, but it is a good tool for analyzing situations in order to identify the best action for a rational player. Since the Nash equilibrium includes strategies that are the best response to the behavior of another player, the use of the Nash equilibrium concept to select practice looks quite reasonable.

Unfortunately, real-world situations are often very complex and change so quickly that it is impossible to predict exactly how competitors will react to evolving tactics. Nevertheless, game theory is useful when it is necessary to determine the most important factors that need to be taken into account in a decision-making situation in a competitive environment. This information is important because it allows you to take into account additional variables or factors that have the ability to influence the case and thereby increase the effectiveness of the decision. I think that in The Walking Dead, the awareness of the players about the principles of the game theory would positively affect the outcome of their decisions. That could change the course of the game for characters if all people always acted rationally and did not make spontaneous decisions. Players are supposed to choose behavior that maximizes their total benefit (“economic man” behavior model). However, in practice, real action often does not meet this premise for reasons of irrationality, elements of a “double message” in the control system, discussion modeling, and other irrational motives of players (including altruism).

In episode 4, after Lee has been bitten, he has a choice to ask for the help of his peers or to go alone to find Clementine. In that case, if the character Lee knows the principles of the game theory, he should think about the outcomes that are possibly most useful for him. If Lee asks for help, it would be easier for him to find Clementine, but other characters would be endangered because of the bite. If he decides to go alone, he has a lower chance of finding Clem. Here we can see that the application of game theory would help him to have the most useful strategic decision for him at that time.