Plagiarism in Michelle Obama’s and Melania Trump’s Speeches

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This essay illustrates the analysis of a video that juxtaposed Melania Trump’s speech with Michelle Obama’s speech. Since the two paragraphs in the speeches of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump turned out to be almost identical, Melania Trump’s speech can be called plagiarism.

Not all of the speech is plagiarism, but some parts and the structure were similar to Michelle Obama’s speech, although synonyms replaced some words. In particular, Melania, like Michelle, talked about how her parents raised her. Melania Trump used the same sentences from Michelle Obama’s speech to tell how her parents raised her, such as that you work hard for what you want in life, and your word is your bond, and you treat people with respect. In addition, another plagiarized paragraph is when Melania highlighted the importance of dreams to children’s achievements precisely as Michelle Obama did in 2008. Consequently, an obvious similarity is when Melania said that life lessons should be passed on to the next generations. At the same time, Michele suggested the matching idea during her speech.

To conclude, plagiarism is the appropriation of the authorship of someone else’s text, in this case, speech. Melania Trump partially used someone else’s speech, namely the speech of Michelle Obama, and passed it off as hers. Thus, some paragraphs were taken entirely from Michelle and poorly paraphrased. Unfortunately, Melania did not pay enough attention to her speech to make the text original and inimitable. Striking analogies and similar sentences from Michelle Obama’s speech put Melania Trump in an awkward position in front of the public. Important to add, if Melania had quoted Obama’s speech, mentioned her name in her speech, and agreed with her ideas, complementing her own, then the case would not have been called plagiarism.