Philosophy, Philosophers and Their Value

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Philosophy concerns a general study on so many things ranging from existence, reality, truth, rationality, and many other important aspects of human beings. Without philosophy, proper explanations as to why some of the things are the way they are would not have been there. In my view, philosophy is a very important tool for the purposes of critical thinking. It is through a philosophy that man has developed the habit of questioning that sheds more light on the very important things and surrounds him in the course of living in the world. The main aim of philosophy, as far as I am concerned, is to provide knowledge to humankind, and this is very important for the purpose of problem-solving, which is an essential part of an individual who is fit to live in the world. Without philosophical theories and analysis, most of the things in the world would not have answers to some of the genuine questions that beg for answers.

I have been amazed mostly by Russell in his philosophical ideas. He has brought out clearly how philosophy using the scientific approach can provide answers to the very fundamental questions that concern humankind. By providing these fundamental answers, philosophy becomes a very important tool for each and every successful man. This is because the world is full of many challenges in life, and without important philosophical skills such as critical thinking, surviving in the world would become quite difficult. Therefore, Russell has brought out clearly why we are not just in the philosophy class for the sake of it but because it is very important to humankind. This is the very reason why each and every student needs to participate in the philosophy class.