Wittgenstein on Progress in Philosophy

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Wittgenstein was one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century, and his views have contributed a lot to the way modern philosophers argue their points. In his views, Wittgenstein pointed out that there are simple structures from which the complex ones emerge so as to form knowledge in the human mind. The simple facts in the world are found to exist independently of other factors. Language is very fundamental in this process is it not only provides an avenue from stating facts but also provides a picture of the facts in the world. This is very important as far as creating clarity and relevance is concerned in philosophical circles is concerned.

He brought out the importance of language in philosophy, whereby the complexity of language has made philosophers confuse people with facts. That philosophy tends to mislead people due to the language factor. That due to grammatical mistakes arising from metaphysical theories, they tend not to be satisfying the measure of clarity in their arguments. That language comes in critically because there is a need to avoid mere mentioning of the facts that are in the world and at the same time bring out the relationships that the things in the world possess. If language is used properly, then philosophy can be wonderful in discovering much about the world that we have not yet found satisfactory answers to. Therefore, according to Wittgenstein, philosophy is an essential part of humankind as it digs into the things of the world and even tries to provide relationships that give us a better understanding through proper use of language.