Climate Change and Global Warming Controversy

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Climate change refers to the conspicuous variations in either the average state of climate on earth or its variation over a period of time. This may occur due to internal forces or even due to external reasons, due to population growth or usage of land resources. The impact of greenhouse gases (GHG) is also present. Enhanced levels of escape of greenhouse gases into the earth’s environment could impact warming and, in turn, impact upon world climate, leading to dramatic climate changes.

Global warming, on the other hand, refers to a phenomenon by which there are increases in the earth’s surface air temperature caused primarily by greenhouse gas emissions. This unnatural warming has resulted in faster melting of ice in the Antarctica region, rendering animal lives there threatened and on the verge of extinction. It is sad but true that the polar bear population has been under threat due to global warming. Highly specialized species are particularly vulnerable to extinction if their environment changes, and polar bears fit that prescription.

If the population of the planet is truly concerned about the fate of this species, we need to collectively reduce greenhouse gas production significantly and quickly. However, according to evidence put forth by Andrew E Derocher, evidence linking climate changes to polar bears has not been definitely established. Its conclusive status can only be established when the species are rendered extinct. While the status of various subclasses of polar bears differentiates dramatically, only some cases could be directly attributable to climatic changes.