Climate Change, Its Causes and Human Responsibility

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Climatic change has many negative effects on people and their environment. Some of the effects can give rise to dry spells, tsunamis, increased occurrences of hurricanes, and melting of ice in the northern and southern poles, among others. Generally, climatic change is a rapid and unexpected change in various natural weather seasons and patterns. One possible cause of such changes could be global warming, which involves damage of a part of the imaginary ozone layer by green gas emissions. Simply put, the ozone layer is the outward atmospheric layer that protects the Earth from unwanted and dangerous atmospheric rays. If damaged, the ozone layer can interfere with climatic conditions, thus making weather patterns and seasons unpredictable.

Some of the changes, such as snow during the summer, can be easily adapted by humans, for example, by wearing cold insulated clothing and use of energy sources to generate heat. Humans are responsible for the occurrence of global warming through activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels. These climatic changes have a negative influence on everyone and can sometimes lead to the destruction of the environment. Once weather patterns are destroyed, it becomes difficult for human activities, such as agriculture, to be undertaken effectively and efficiently; forests may also be destroyed, leading to the creation of deserts.

There are several ways in which humans can contribute to the creation of a clean environment. People should be aggressive in advocating and participating in tree-planting exercises in order to increase the size of forest cover. Generally, trees are an essential part of a clean environment because they rid of some of the toxic substances in the air, like carbon monoxide, and are believed to be good rain magnets. Finally, people should avoid excessive burning of fossil fuels, which are very harmful to both man and the environment. Instead, people should concentrate on renewable energy resources as the source of energy for industries and home consumption. All in all, policies should be fully implemented with the aim of enhancing sustainability and environmental conservation in all communities.