Clinical Studies and Trials in the United States

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The website sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health, provides profound information about diverse clinical studies and trials. Nonetheless, this source discovers the topic from the perspective of clinical research, as it is one of the essential sources of evidence-based practice in the medical sphere. Before reviewing the content of this website, I had a general understanding of the process that referred to the factors defining the duration of the study and reasons for conducting it.

Nonetheless, I did not know anything about the actual selection of the participants, eligibility criteria, and protection of the participants. For instance, it remains apparent that informed consent is one of the tools to increase the awareness of participants about the study. At the same time, to ensure the safety of the trial group, researchers have to work in collaboration with FDA, and the project has to be approved by Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Overall, I tend to believe that clinical studies are essential elements to decrease the prevalence of various dangerous diseases and improve the existent evidence-based practice. Nonetheless, the conducted analysis of the website clearly showed that organizing clinical trials was more complicated than expected. It was revealed that a researcher had to pay vehement attention to the safety of the participants and get approval from IRB. It is apparent that not taking into account these important procedures might lead to negative consequences, including deaths and severe injuries from various interventions proposed by the researcher. To summarize, clinical trials are vital parts of the research, but effective protection guidelines and regulations have to be respected when conducting a study.